OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IN LOVE <3

FUCK!!!! ok srry i have not bin up here for so long, well i found love and the way i know is that i sing love song when i never ever do, so im just happy or either freaked cuz im sing song that i want to send to him so AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

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D: f***k!

srry that ive bin gone for a bit, and sorry i didnt enter any new art but i will try more, so lately i have a few probs and i dont know how to over come them cuz its dealing with ppl who i dont realy want to hang out with cuz they get me involed in thire darama witch i hate, so ya :(

two weird dreams in one night ^w^

oh ok um well last night i dreamed about Hitman reborn and also about SMOSH
in the reborn dream tsuna killed a guy and he was freaking out my oc cleo was thire but i think it was her i dont know but it was baicly about how the should get rid of the body in the end they were able to.

in the dream about SMOSH (if you dont know what it is go to youtube and type SMOSH) so it was ian and anthony and the were being chased by an ice wolf its a weird dream i had about them and for some reason the ice wolf always bit anthony in the ass so in the end i woke up and felt akwared over last night cuz it was two weird dreams in one night.

ghost hunting

wow ive bin looking around and i want to study to be a paranormal enestigator awsome, i know many facts about ghost and i how to become a ghost hunter yaaa that would be nice =w=.


today i fill soooo pissed i blame my bf for this T.T
any way i love lisening to the vocaloids =w= so ya thire music rocks my fav is Gakupo he's awsome and cute. so my day well ill be lisening to the vocaloids.