Night of blood part 1

here a story i made hope you like it and i'm may make it into a anime book so tell me if you like it

Luna and her friends were having a normal life in the USA till they got the invite. “Was this invite for Luna said “I hear is a dance at some big mansion to night said Sam excited “I hear that a lot of people in our school got invited to said Lee “I don’t know something doesn’t fell right about this, I don’t think we should go Luna said “oh come! Her friends said “well sorry I can get weird felling of it said Luna “come it’s going to be fun” a voice said form behind it was Darren I think about it said Luna “don’t think about it just come said Darren with smile then he walk away Luna heard screaming “Luna! Darren was taking to you your so lucky! The girls scream. “I don’t care and he talk to me all the time, he just the same as any other guy said Luna No he not! Girl screams” He’s hot said Sam” he’s the one hosting the party and Daisuke too of the girls said. We will dance with him the girls said. They keep on taking about him; Luna was getting annoyed so she left as Luna was walking to her next class she saw Daisuke reading, he was cute but he wears scary black clothing and doesn’t say much. Luna walks by him “watch out to night at the dance and Darren” said Daisuke Luna look confuse but then said “I know and that’s why I watch out for my friends” Luna walk away “you should watch out yourself Daisuke said worry tone. It was getting to that time to the dance Lune try to get her friends not to go but couldn’t so she when with them to keep an I on them. It’s was 10:00 when they got to the big mansion they saw beautiful guys and girls they never saw before but didn’t care but Luna, so they started dancing and having a good time but Luna was just watching out for things. In till Darren came by her “you what to dance” he said “no thank you said Lune (she hear the other girl getting jealous) but he smile and grab her hand then took her to up stairs to a balcony Luna try to get away but he had tide grip then had his arms around her dancing to the music. “Let go of me!” Lune said “oh come on you need some fun, you all way worry too much and try to protecting your friends all the time”. “How do you know that!” said Luna I all way has eye I on you it’s cool that you do that.” Luna was red in her face try to look away then Darren smile. As it was going to close to midnight Luna was still dancing but just then Darren was acting strange he grab her hand vary tight and started to bend down to her neck Luna felt his breath Luna trying to fight back but felt that she was in a trance just about when she felt something pinching her Luna heard screaming that snap her out, then push him away and ran down stairs where she saw the horror people was getting attack by the beautiful people, there was a lot of blood Luna ran hitting people getting in her away to find her friends. She found them hiding thank “god I found you was going on” said Luna “I don’t know we were dancing then one of the beautiful people attack someone then they was all stared to attack is like there vampires” Sam said” is ok I’m going get you out of here then go the police and try to save the others Luna said. They ran away and got out in the back then ran as fast as they can then Luna notice they were being follow “run! Luna yield. As they just about to escape Luna ran into a back finger she tries to get a way but he grab her “I see your are tough as all way” he said Luna notice it was Darren “why are you doing this and was going on” Luna yells Darren got to her ear then whisper “it will all become clearly soon now you become one of us my love” said Darren “what do you mean?” Luna said. He smile bend down to her neck then she felt a lot pain and something warm try to puts him away but couldn’t she started to black out she heard screaming, stop it! And Luna scream before black out.

To be continue

part 2

Luna fell that she sleeping for very long time, she felt so much pain as she sleep in darkness as something was happening to her. At time Luna thought she felt that someone kiss her, Luna finally woke up to find that she was in a big room she doesn’t know, her memory fussy and there was a weird taste in her mouth. Luna look around, she saw it was very dark she saw the room had a balcony but the doors was lock and saw it was dark outside but finally she found the door that was unlock then she walk out, she look around and only saw a dark hall with light candles on the wall. Luna walk down the halls looking away out “this places is big just where am I?” she said she was looking in some rooms but only finding beds room, rooms that people hang out but she no one in them, “is anyone here Luna said confuse then she found bathroom room that has that has big mirrors she splash some water on her face thinking it was a dream but when Luna look into the mirror she saw herself vary beautiful with cute pale skin and hair was very long and wearing a beautiful dress Luan was getting scared “why do I look like this, what’s going on” Luna said as she ran out she ran around as fast she can then found a big door she open it saw it go outside “finally she said as she ran out she saw the place was middle of forest but can see the city Luna ran into the forest started feeling weak her when she got out of the forest she saw the city but it wasn’t her city it was Tokyo “what the! Why I’m here and how? Luna said more confuse Luna ran into the city into the park trying not to be seen, she now felt more weaker that all most black out, Luna stop when look at the sky notices there was a lot of bats “that weird things are getting weirder just what going on” she said.. “There you are we been looking for you my love” said a familiar voice Luna turn around to see it was Darren and a black finger she could not see his face. Then it all came back to her, Lana got mad try to run but Darren he grab her “hay calm down your still a little weak going out alone my love” he said “no I’m not your love I hate you! Luna said puts him away “ouch she got you the other finger said laughing a little to himself “be quite! In time she will love me Darren said smiley Luna feeling weaker by the min, getting really annoyed by him (smack!) ow! Darren yells “yea that’s love for you” the other one said smiley “you are going to get it later Darren said to the other guy glaring. While they arguing they notice Luna was running a way “hay get back here Darren yell Luna ran as fasts as she could but felling vary weak not much, just then Luna collapse on the ground and starting to black out Darren and the other guy caught up “want happening to me” Luna said weaken “you understand soon Darren said before Luna out like a light. The next 2 days Luna woke up too find to be in the same room before I see your wake Luna saw a girl in maid’s outfit that has old clothes “who are you” Luna said “oh I’m Sabrina your servant” she said “what the! What’s going on why are you my servant? “Oh ya they didn’t tell you” Sabrina said “you’re a … but got cut off by someone at the door “Sabrina go do some work I tell her she said “ok Sabrina left Luan saw a beautiful girl coming and sitting down next to her “I see your looking much better she said “ok who are you Luan “oh how rude of me I’m Phoebe nice to meet you she said “ok tell me was going on and why am I like this Luna? Said “ok do you remember the dance Phoebe said “yes I didn’t know what was going but want happen to my friends said angry “well I don’t know want happen your friends maybe Darren knows but he not here but for the dance it was one of are feeding grounds Phoebe said “want! Feeding grounds what are you? Luna said shocking “I know this is going to be shocking but we’re vampires in this mansion me, Darren and so are you Phoebe said Luan was looking shock… want I’m a vampire?

To be continue

Part 3
Luna was still shock “you must be joking vampires are not real Luna said “well how do you explain the want happen at the dance, how you look” said Phoebe “ well … maybe … there…….I don’t know?…. Luna said vary confuse “if you have trouble believing me look in your mouth and eyes ” Phoebe said as she give Luna a little mirror and Luna notices that she had red eyes and had small sharp fangs, Luna touch them and felt real “aahhh this can’t be real it just can’t Luna said trying to believe it a dream “it’s real you have to except it Phoebe said “no I can’t…why is this happening to me Luna said as she started to cry “I know, I know it’s hard to believe but it is and for why ask Darren but I said before he not here ok Phoebe said as she pasts Luna on the back as Luna was crying. Then later Luna stop crying “there felling better Phoebe said “no I’m not, I’m a vampire what am I’m going to do now, my looks, school, jo….got cut off by Phoebe hand “don’t worry I tell most you need to know first this your room (gets Luna out of bed) and we got you new clothes” phoebe said as she show Luna in her closet. OO “wow there beautiful” Luna said as she saw beautiful dress, skirts, Tops and Shoes “and new school Uniform” Phoebe said “school uniform!? Luna said “yes” “second thing is you already saw where we are Phoebe said “yes but don’t know how you guys got me here” Luna said in question “sorry don’t know, I was here when they brought you here so you should ask Darren “I rather not I’m still mad at him Luna said thinking all the things that happen her and for calling her his love. Phoebe chuckle a little “well anyway you be going to private school were most of us go said phoebe “but how do I go to a school like this Luna said mad pointing at fangs don’t worry we can put away are fangs and red eyes to look all most normal said Phoebe “that’s great but all most normal? Said Luna confuses and knowing answer is “your beauty sorry all vampires are like that just like Darren and me phoebe said “I knew” Luna was thinking. “Anyway how do I look normal said Luna “well I would teach you but I got things to do soon ok, the third thing is about that Lune and Mayu will teach you to work on your vamp powers and look normal but for a couple days you have stay in your or walk around some places in mansion but do not go outside said Phoebe “want! Why? Said Luna being upset “you just woke up so your little weak and we don’t want you running away like last time ok but you can walk to the lobby is down the hall and turn right where you can meet other people and play games, watch movies, shows and stuff said Phoebe “well I have to go I see you later if need to ask questions there some people you can ask but they may not know all the answers understand” Phoebe said “ok” said Luna in a sad tone “ok see you later said Phoebe as she when out the door. Luna was look around her room see her bed, her closet, she saw that she had a TV, she saw balcony but the doors still lock but the surprise see saw her stuff see had in old room “well a lest they nice to get my stuff but I still hate most of them want they done and want happen to my friends and my classmates I need to know but I don’t want to ask Darren” Luna said angered but Luna comedown “but I get the feeling that i won’t get the answers that fast so have go a long with this for now Luna said. For a while Luna stay in her room did some drawings, watch TV and did some stuff “well I’m broad I’m go look around this place” Luna said as she walk she look around “I see some of this place but this place so big I wonder what else is here” Luna “we can help you with that” said someone behind her Luna turn to 2 people see don’t see before “who are you? Luna said
To be continue

Note decided change Lune and Mayu names to Natsumi & Haruo
Part 4
Luna turn to see 2 people see don’t see before one of them was a beautiful girl with pink hair with pigtails and the other one was a hot guy with short light brown hair “who are you and how you know who I’m am” said Luna “ some guys have been talking about you and we have seen you before when they were carrying you, Phoebe told you about us I’m Natsumi and this is Haruo” she said “ok thought I be seeing you guys later when I get my strength back” said Luna “we where but we saw you walking around looking lost, so we decided show you around and get to know you ok” said Natsumi “ok” said Luna. As they walk around a house they were showing Luna some rooms “so how you like it here” Haruo said “well don’t take it the wrong way I don’t like it here and why one I was taken from my home, two I was forces to become vampire, and three I really hate Darren Luna said with frustration “he he can see why Darren like you very tough, beautiful, and you have a mind on your own” said Natsumi. Then Luna blush a little “well I don’t like him” Luna said getting mad her face blushing more “well it not your red face say” Haruo said then Luna got really frustrated “ggrrr I don’t want to talk about this anymore” Luna as she ran off “no don’t run off you don’t have a lot of strength and you will get lost” said Haruo as they run after her. As Luna lost them sense she remember a little from walking in this place before she hid in the bathroom in a stall trying to keep heart down trying to ignore want they said about Darren “no I don’t like him I hate him” Luna said to herself , she waited for a while then herd some girl voices talking “well I think that guy cute” one said “cute to bite he he” one other said as all of them laughing and giggling. Luna was just sitting be quite try not listen to them, then they left “so that what they are thinking I hate that hope I don’t start thinking like that ” Luna was thinking in her head. A few minis when by Luna was getting tired so Luna decide to go back to her room she look around to see if anyone one was there and there was no one. (gerrrll) Luna head her stomach as she was walking down “ok now I’m hungry and where the kitchen” said Luna. she was walking looking for the kitchen but she was getting lost “grrr I hate this place this place is so big I keep getting lost” Luna said incrustation then she heard guys voice “ha ha that so funny Darren” someone said “Darren it can’t be let’s hope it not him” said Luna she look around the corner trying not to be seen and saw Darren with some guy laughing and playing games when she saw Darren cute faces Luna heart stared beating “darn why Is my heart beating like this I hate him” said Luna incrustation griping on her heart “hay did you hear some girl voice” someone “ya and it sound familiar” Darren said as she heading toward her “ah oh got to get out of here” Luna said as she ran down the halls. She can hear him coming faster “got to hide” Luna said as she found a door when in and she hid Luna herd him running by she waited for a while then got up and she saw a lot of books “wow this must be the library” she said as she looking around then she saw area where you read then saw someone reading a books he was wearing black clothing he seems familiar but when she got closer she saw it was Daisuke “Daisuke what’s he doing here” Luna said confused “oh Luna I see your up” Daisuke said “Daisuke what are you doing here” she said “well you all ready know what this place is so that make me a vampire like you and Darren” said Daisuke “ok now I’m more confused and hungry ” said Luna “ well how about take you to something a eat and maybe I can tell some things” Daisuke said “good I need some answers” Luna said as they walk
To be continue

Night of Blood part 5
Daisuke and Luna where walking in hall and Luna at same time looking around trying not to be seen by Darren “looking out for Darren” Daisuke said “ya I don’t want to see him I still mad at him” Luna said “well I don’t like way he acts some time and does but he a good guy and you should be happy your only girl he ever fell for” said Daisuke. Luna face blush then got vary red and her heart beat fast “well I don’t like him” she said then Luna quickly looked away face still red Daisuke smile a little and things became quiet then they got in the kitchen saw 2 maids “hay Umeko and Yori can you fix us something to eat and this Luna she new” said Daisuke “will do sir and welcome Luna” said as the 2 girl was making the food in the kitchen as Luna and Daisuke sat down in the dinner room. things where quiet for a min then Luna stared to talk “so how long you been a vampire here” Luna said he look up thinking about “’s been a long time like 70 years I think I been a long time it hard to remember” he said “70 years !” Luna said shock “ya we do live forever we are vampires” said Daisuke “oh i didn’t know, there a lot of things I don’t know about vampire then from books I read” Luna said “ya there a lot of things that are not from the book like we can be in the sun, we can go in water, we can eat garlic but it still a little strong for us, and cross doesn’t harm us and we look normal and not from any old or movies you see ” Daisuke said thinking “wow and things that are true?” Luna said seem interest “well the thing that true that are special ability is we are strong, fast, can see in the dark strong hearing, good stealth, some of us that are special can us magic, switching, can grow wings a fly look at read people minds, and a lot of other things but other then that we mostly try to be normal and not use them” he said “cool! Can you do anything special” said Luna “well can read minds but I don’t use it to often” Daisuke said “oh cool “so what can Darren the others can do” she was thinking so what can Darren do?” she ask Daisuke look at her and smile “why do ask about Darren thought you hate him” Daisuke said as he smile. Luna has forgotten about it her faces got vary red “no…. I hate him…I.…was ….. Just… can avoid him” Luna said nerves “…..Hmmm I think your are lying to yourself, you like him but your denying it” she said “…no…am…not…..what make you say that” Luna said getting more nerves and frustrated “ I know because you two act the same way as you did before at school the way you to act” Daisuke said her face got red then she got very mad “I don’t what to keep talking about this” Luna yell then she slam her head the table “OW” Luna said in pain Daisuke smile then pats Luna on the head ‘ oh Luna I just what you to be happy and you can’t keep denying it but I know you let out your heart soon” Daisuke was thinking a “ok you guy we done here something easy for you sense you woke up” said Yori “here we have a grilled cheese and tornado soup” Umeko said “thanks look good” Luna said “that good if you get hungry come here or the one down stairs on the right and me, her and some others will make you something what ok” Yori said “ok got it” Luna said then the maids left “I just knows something off with the maids are they vampire? It just felling I had see with Sabrina, Umeko and Yori ” Luna said “I see you knows I figure you find out soon. You see there not vampires there humans that there fine about working for us” he said “why do we keep humans as maids? Luna asks in question “I tell you later you must have lot on your mind of what going on so let eat” Daisuke said “ok” she said. Luna and Daisuke were eating until they were done “so how was it” Daisuke ask “it was good but tornado soup taste funny it was sweet but somewhat taste like blood!!!??? Luna said getting nerves “it was but don’t worry it normal you don’t need to much only ones or twice a mouth dont freak out” Daisuke said Luna getting more nerves then she then something came to though“….ok just wondering where do you the blood from the feeding grounds??? Luna said stared getting headed “ok didn’t what to tell you this now but it better I tell you then someone else we get blood from that and from the maids so we don’t attack a lot of people in the city to get” he said Luna hearing all this stared to vary dizzy then fanned on the floor “I think it may been too much for you do day…. Oh well it better I said other then Darren he would say It worse” Daisuke said as he pats Luna head “don’t worry you get used to all of it soon but It just the being” he said
To be continue

Night of Blood part 6
Luna wake up to find that she is in her room “good morning” Luna turn to see its Sabrina her servant cleaning her room, Luna still felt dizzy and a little pain from last night from all that happen, Luna look at Sabrina worry how she feels doing this. As Sabrina left Luna as thinking for while then heard a knock on her door “hay Luna it me Phoebe” she said “oh” Luna said as she open the door. As Phoebe walk in and sat down “I see you’re looking a lot better” said Phoebe “ya I ran into Daisuke and we ate some food……” Luna said as she got quiet “something wrong?” Phoebe asks “…it’s the hole blood thing and the maids” said Luna “I see you know about the maids and the food, you see we not all bad we just need blood to live just like people to food to live” Phoebe answer “oh i can see that but what about the maids are they happy and feeding grounds don’t people die” Luna said nerves “some maids are happy and some are sad, some do it for money we can’t tell what they all feel and for the feeding grounds I don’t know I don’t go to them but I heard that a lot don’t die they take their blood and then erase their memories” said Phoebe “so my friends maybe live” Luna said in hope “I don’t know I wish I knew to tell you” Phoebe said Luna got sad Phoebe look at her then smile “how about we take a warm shower or a bath to take your mine off all of this” said Phoebe. Luna look up and smile a little “ok that sounds good” Luna said they head to bathroom “wow” Luna said as she when in and saw big showers, bathtubs look like pools and a beauty stand that has shampoo, Lotions, Spa & Treatments for body. Then Luna got undress jump into the bathtub “ahh warm” said Luna as she felt the pain in her body go away. Phoebe smile got in with her. Luna and Phoebe where washing them self Luna felling a lot better and getting clean “hay there I see your looking better” Luna and Phoebe turn to see it was Natsumi “hay Natsumi I see you met Luna” Phoebe said as Natsumi got in with them “so how are you feeling Luna” Natsumi ask “still trying to take all what happen…other then that I feel much better” said Luna “that’s good I was worry when you ran off yesterday” Natsumi said “you ran off why? Phoebe “oh…I don’t remember…” Luna said as she blush a little trying forgetting what happen. “Oh I know because we were talking about Dar…”stop!” Luna yelled with her face red “oh my isn’t your face red is it because of Darren” Phoebe ask “no!” Luna yells ‘as her face blushing furiously and as the girls look at her smiling knowingly “tell that to your face blushing” Natsumi said “ I….a…..grrr I be right back” Luna said incrustation as she got out walk away “oh dear we got her mad” Natsumi said “ it’s all right she get used to it” Phoebe said as she smile. Luna walk around angrily then splash some cold water on face from sink “ok come down no need to get work up for guy I hate just need forget him” Luna said then splash more cold water as she come down. Then she saw the beauty stand Luna walk up and saw older beautiful girl with black hair “hay there I see you must be new I’m Kasumi I deal with beauty treatments and other things” she said “oh I’m Luna got anything for my hair its vary long now and beauty tips” Luna ask "you don’t need much for beauty tips your all ready beautiful and for hair hmmm ah! hear have this MoonSilk Cherry Blossom shampoo and conditioner it make your hair silky and shiny like the moon I think it goes great with you ” Kasumi said as she had her shampoo and conditioner “oh thanks” Luna said as she blush and walk away “she was very nice not all vampire are bad” she thought as she was waking. Crash! Luna bump into some one as she fell down “oww” Luna said “oh I’m sorry I didn’t see where I was going” someone said as Luna got up saw a short cute girl with sort light blue hair looks very shy “oh it’s ok I wasn t paying attention” Luna said as pick her up “thank you I’m Umeko” she said “cute name im Luna I’m new here” Luna said “oh! Your new girl I heard about” Umeko said “is everybody talking about me?” Luna said surprise “all most everybody we don’t get many new vampires around and the thing about you & Darren they say” Umeko said Luna felt surprise then annoyed “I radar not talk about him I’m still annoyed with him” said Luna “oh ok” Umeko said “well have to get my hair done i see you” Luna said “ok I see you later” Umeko said as Luna left to the showers. After Luna got done trying getting her long hair wash she got a towel and her clothes going to leave and ran into Natsumi & Phoebe “I see you got shampoo from Kasumi she very good at picking the right one from somebody” said Natsumi “ya oh then I ran into some one name Umeko” Luna said “oh ya her she same age as us but shy” Phoebe said “ya you see lots of female vampire with different personality that you like other then that I see you later i got some things to do” Natsumi said as she left “me too I see you later too, I trusts you go back to your room” Phoebe asks “I will” Luna answer “good see you" Phoebe said as she left, Luna walk back and when into her room to get dress.

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