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Word, dawg.

This is a world I made mostly for my own use, but I made it a public world anyways. I'll be posting things about story outlines, my characters, my comics (including fan comics), WIPs, ect... It's pretty much a world where I can store information and/or plan things. xD

Below are short descriptions of my stories to help you know what's going on. xD It also shows which characters are in which story, along with their extended profile if I have one made. Some stories aren't mentioned because I don't work on/think about them often. Therefore, not all of my characters are mentioned.


The link leads to the fan comic in my portfolio. If there isn't a link, there isn't a comic yet.

*Rock Band: Something Impossible: The story of a Rock Band and their adventures in music business.
Major Characters: Michka, Zack, Loyal, Dare, Rick
Important/Frequently Mentioned Supporting Characters: Damian, Tim, Dare's Aunt aka Auntie

*Of Fruits and Vegetables: 4-panel comics of the life of a 21-year-old model and his friends/workmates.
Major Characters: Tomato, Stefan, Tomato's Boyfriend aka "TB", Gabe, Janet aka Jo, Kasey, Dean
Important Supporting Characters: Danny, Leah, Mick

*Dreams: The story of a rich and pampered English boy who gets transported to the mysterious town of Dreams, and his adventures there.
Major Characters: Alcott, Luli, Ms. Marigold
Important Supporting Characters: Shinitsu, Annabelle, and others that are to be decided.
**Annabelle's and Ms. Marigold's profiles are in the same post.**
Story Dialogues: 1.1, 1.2, 2.1

*My Dear Princess: The story of an orphan child, a princess, and friends who's home country's peace is threataned by the evil prince of a country that was thought to be nonexistant. (CONFUSING. xD)
Major Characters: Isaac, Charlotte, Rinchu, Segran, Lucia, Nicholay, Faida, Hrafn, Falorin, Gaelnis
Important Supporting Characters: To be decided.

*Foreigner: An alien boy sent to Earth to destroy the human race finds himself in Los Angeles California, befriends a human girl, and gets involved in crazy advetures.
Major Characters: Kor, Gliding Eagle
Important Supporting Characters: Michelle, Dailen

*A Life Like This: A written story in the perspectives of Dare, Tim, and Rick.
Major Characters: Tim, Dare, Rick, Ms. Ackart
Important Supporting Characters: See characters for Rock Band: Something Impossible.
Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

*Teach Me Something Good: A story about a friendship between a student and a teacher. Somewhat of a spin-off of Of Fruits and Vegetables.
Major Characters: Noland, Chrystal
Important Supporting Characters: Prudence), Stefan (briefly)

*I Was a Boy, Too: A short 3-part story about Gabe when he was in high school. Optional backstory related to Of Fruits and Vegetables.
Major Characters: Gabe, William
Important Supporting Characters: DJ, Dave
Parts: One

*Nerdy and Jock: So there's this nerd, and this jock, and also they're boyfriends. That's it.
Major Characters: Jack, Ned
Important supporting characters: Matthew Brodney III, Dmitri, Charlotte, Jessica Marron, Lafayette, Brodney's girlfriend who doesn't have a name yet;;;

*The Adventures of Marth and Roy: Super Smash Brothers fan comic. Title is pretty self-explanitory.
Major Characters: Marth, Roy, Ike, Pit

I don't have a name for his story, but Jamal is a Kingdom Hearts fan character. I figured I'd mention him because I draw him often enough.


Also, if you want to find posts that feature a specific character, type in the URL[character name]. For example, will bring you to posts about Dare. :)

Enjoy Your Stay at Various Planning!

Rando Drawings

Back again with more stuff. >:Y

External Image
When I drew this, I could only think about the fact that I'VE NEVER DRAWN O. J. IN FRONTAL VIEW...???? I had no idea what I was doing.
I wonder if I'll ever talk about or draw O. J.'s backstory/plot.

External Image
I don't even watch Steven Universe. BUT, UH. HERE'S SARDONYX IN SOME OUTFIT! I might move this to the Fashion Your Life world, later.
Speaking of SU, though, I'm really into this AMV even though I don't really watch the show.

External Image
THIS DRAWING KEEPS BOTHERING BECAUSE HIS HAIR IS SO UNEVEN!!! Look at the lack of hair by the ear on the left. ...But yeah, I guess this is Laf's smile, idk. (I ALMOST SPELLED THAT AS "SMYLE" WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME;;;)

External Image
Gaboooooooo. His chin's a little too long, but I like how this came out. -u-/

External Image
Legz. I like drawing legs, friends. I also really like how Stefan's nose looks, here. *u*b I also initially spelled "nose" as "NOZE" I'M HORRIBLE.

External Image
I just drew this to match the above drawing, I don't really like it as much. .3.

External Image
I tried drawing Estelle. I like her album "Shine", that's about all the songs of hers that I know.

External Image
Something I drew for a class, Idk what it's really supposed to mean. -u-/;;;;

YEP YEP. I need to do work. """"orz


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Hope y'all are having a good time. >:Y I'm really behind on posting stuff to theOtaku, though... sorry 'bout that. orz. Here's the 10 most recent things I've drawn, starting with least recent to most recent. If that makes sense. IDK THAT'S HOW I ALWAYS ORGANIZE THESE POSTS...

External Image
I wanted to practice making my expressions have more movement!! >:U I think I'm somewhat decent at expressions, but I really struggle with HEAD ANGLES and just making my characters more fluid in general. It's something I really wanna get better at, 'cause I really like art that puts a lot of emphasis on gesture. ;u;/

External Image
HEY, IT'S THESE GUYS!!! Yeah, got the urge out of nowhere to draw Ned and Jack, one day. I started inking this and it looks oookayyyy... but I'm not entirely sure if I'm gonna finish, yet. -u-/

External Image
As I mentioned in the last post, I've been drawing Lafayette and Dmitri a lot... This is their height difference. AMAZING.
I've more or less gotten the hang of drawing Lafayette, but Dmitri's still kind of weird to draw. orz IT'S MAINLY HIS LEGS, IDK...!! Those stupid shorts he always wears just trip me up. WHAT THE HECK, MAN. Also, I know I haven't talked much about Dmitri... you can find a profile of sorts for him HERE. (My poor weebly page is so unfinished...;;)

External Image
A Stefan I drew while listening to Imaginary Folklore by Nujabes ft. Clammbon. Btw Nujabes's music is pretty cool imo, yo......... /pointless recommendation.
I tried really hard to make Stefan's lips look really nice here, but I couldn't really get them to look quite how I wanted. aaah I'm so jealous of people who can color really pretty lips. ;u;>

External Image
More Dmitri. This is where I finally started to understand how to draw his hair. >:U

External Image
I finished the line art for that Nowi drawing! Maybe I'll try to finish coloring it, today... I've already gotten like halfway there. -u-/

External Image
Even more Dmitri! I wanted to play with colors a little bit... mainly in the shadow color. I didn't have any real rhyme or reason for the colors I chose, so idk it came out kinda meh. xD; BUT WHATEVZ... I'M PRACTICING.

External Image
Average report card grades for the dudes of Nerdy and Jock + Lafayette. I was gonna include the girls, too, but I ran out of horizontal room on the paper. Idk why the football dudes are the smart ones, here.
Dmitri’s actually gets the second best grades out of the cast (after Brodney’s girlfriend who STILL HAS NO NAME). He’s really organized with his notes and studies often.
Jack gets good grades by BS-ing everything, while Brodney studies with his girlfriend/is also just a smart dude. Ned is only good at math and science, which is why his grade suffers overall.
Lafayette just literally doesn’t go to class or do homework.
(Don’t be Lafayette, kids.)

External Image
I FEEL LIKE IT'S BEEN FOREVER SINCE I POSTED ANY STEGABE!!! I still doodle them a lot on my notes... -u-/;;;
I feel like I've mentioned before, but Stefan doesn't like being called "baby" 'cause he's an old fool. ALTHOUGH THE OLDER I GET THE LESS I FEEL LIKE I CAN CALL STEFAN OLD... HE'S ONLY 30 WHAAAA.

External Image
Randomly had the urge to do some realism, the other day. Idk if this is actually what Lafayette would look like, I kind a messed up on the nose. .3.;
When I was drawing this, thouogh, I felt like Lafayette actually... looks a lot like me......... I USED TO HAVE SUPER PUFFY HAIR, TOO, but I got a haircut in the summer and now I don't. Laf's hair is like a lot more symmetrical than my hair was, though. -u-/

Yeppp. Thanks for viewing, and have a gr8 Halloween! 8D

Comics/Etc: Lafayette and Dmitri

HEY, I did a lot of random stuff with Lafayette and Dmitri, yesterday. :^Y Idk why, but I’ve been thinking about them lately and think they’re actually pretty interesting…!!! Honestly, I never expected to do much with Dmitri… although, I had some stuff with him and Jessica planned, which was somewhat interesting... but I never got around to drawing it. (Which I will eventually maybe, aha;;) But since I ended up making Lafayette Dmitri’s childhood friend (I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER WHEN AND WHY I DECIDED THAT HAHA), I feel like I understand Dmitri a little bit better since I’ve thought about his childhood a bit. So yeah, I’ve been thinking about Lafayette and Dmitri’s backstories.

I’M STILL NOT REALLY SURE IF A LOT OF THIS STUFF IS CANON… My main issue with coming up with backstory stuff between Dmitri and Lafayette is Lafayette’s gender;;; As far as Nerdy and Jock goes, I kind of want to keep Lafayette’s birth gender ambiguous, or even leaning toward female since Dmitri uses feminine pronouns with him. But yeah, creating a concrete backstory for Lafayette and Dmitri will kind of demystify Lafayette’s birth gender… so idk, maybe this isn’t cannon, I haven’t decided. WHO KNOWS.

But anyway, here’s some comics. I’m gonna be revealing a lot of stuff THAT MIGHT BE CANON BUT MAYBE NOT here, which might be a problem ‘cause I might make a short oneshot comic about Lafayette and Dmitri. SO IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS… IDK… WHO CARES ABOUT SPOILERS THOUGH AHAH.

Anyway, I’ll start with the childhood ones, since that’s what I was blabbing about up there. :U

External Image
This is like the first conversation they ever had… Idk how old they are, I think this is like the summer before 4th or 5th grade. Lafayette’s family moved next door to Dmitri’s before the two of them started 5th grade. It’s canon that Lafayette is Japanese, btw, no dispute about that. :U He’s fluent in English now, but I think he mostly spoke Japanese to his mom before moving here (though idk where he went to school and stuff before moving to Nerdy and Jock land.)

HONESTLY… I JUST REVERSE-ENGINEERED LAFAYETTE’S ORIGINAL ENGLISH NAME FROM DMITRI’S NICKNAME FOR HIM… Originally I was trying to find a Japanese name that had “rafu” in it, but of course that didn’t exist. So I just went with Raphael, ‘cause whatever. He didn’t start going by Lafayette until middle school-ish (IF THIS IS CANON). Also, sorry if it seems like I’m making fun of Lafayette’s accent, here, ‘cause I’m not trying to;;;

Dmitri had such a generic short spikey hairstyle as a young babe. Lafayette’s mom’s always let Lafayette wear skirts and dresses, btw. (Though he also wore tutus and ridiculous costume stuff to elementary school like a NERD WHAT THE HECK’S WITH THAT)

External Image
More things of them as kids. The top one’s of Dmitri when he’s in middle school. THAT ONE OF LAFAYETTE ON THE RIGHT LOOKS WAY TOO YOUNG.

Dmitri didn’t find out Lafayette’s biologically a boy (IF THIS IS EVEN CANON) until school started, where at some point they had to break off into groups between boys and girls. Although, Dmitri still thought (/thinks) of Laf as a girl ‘cause that’s just what he was used to. (And even as a kid, Laf didn’t really care if he was a girl or a boy to people.) …idk what I’m saying here, I feel like I’m being confusing. WHATEVZZZZZZZZZZZZ

ALSO, Dmitri and Lafayette used to like playing pretend a lot (what I called “The Game” up there ‘cause whatever), when they were little. (This is actually kinda based on my own childhood, haha. I used to really like playing pretend with my sisters and friends. We called it “The Game of Games.”)
Lafayette’s very into taking on different personas, it’s really fun for him. :U Even as he got older, he just wanted to play all the time (which is kind of why he’s really into acting, now). Dmitri thinks it’s fun to play, too, but he started to get self-conscious in middle school when everyone wanted to start growing up and be adults. It was ‘cause of this that sometime in middle school Lafayette and Dmitri started to drift apart. In high school, Dmitri didn’t really talk to Lafayette as much because he joined and made friends on the football team, while Lafayette spent most of his time in drama club.

It’s worth noting that any sort of COMING OF AGE DRAMA AND POTENTIAL BULLYING goes away in high school, because Nerdy and Jock takes place at a mysteriously beautiful and kind high school. (??? I just want to avoid drama like in A Life Like This when I draw Nerdy and Jock). Personally, I think it’s because Brodney is there and is just SUCH A GOOD HUMAN… A GOOD ROLE MODEL FOR ALL. And since he’s the most popular/known person in school, almost everyone just follows his example. (??? UNREASONABLE, BUT WHO CARES. I LOVE BRODNEY.)

Okay, I’m confusing myself, idk what I’m talking about. NEXT DRAWING.

External Image
Laf and Dmitri eventually reunited as friends during Nerdy and Jock… idk really why it happened, but hey whatever. DMITRI… IS SUCH A BABY, IDK WHY THIS HAPPENED…
Lafayette is so short, though. He’s 5’2, btw, while Dmitri’s 6’1. LAFAYETTE LOOKS SO YOUNG…

Originally, I kind of perceived Lafayette as like… a eunuch, I guess. But considering there’s no reasonable ethical way for him to be a eunuch (besides being born without reproductive organs which is extremely rare), I got bored and looked up stuff about delayed puberty/etc. Initially I was wondering about Kallmann Syndrome (??), but I’m looking up stuff online again and I’m thinking the less-specific “hypogonadism” is probably more accurate to Lafayette… and is also not associated with specific health-threatening complications. (also this might be kind of immature of me, but I’m so surprised that “gonad” is a technical term.) ANYWAY.

But yeah, I feel like if Lafayette has hypogonadism, it could explain a number of things… including why Lafayette is so short and youthful-looking, his gender ambiguity (to a degree), and also why he’s disinterested in sex. (I know these things don’t need specific genetic explanation or anything, but it’s just what I was thinking about.)
Regardless, I don’t feel like it’s something Lafayette would ever get officially diagnosed for, because experiencing TROO PYOOBERTY isn’t a big deal to him.**

External Image
Some losers. Dmitri is Lafayette’s biggest fan. ALSO THESE TWO ART BOTH POTTY MOUTHS… I know Dmitri’s not swearing here, but he does…………. He’s also just rude in general. They’re both rude. Rude fools.
TOO BAD I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SWEARING AHAHAHSLDFKJ “”orz I just write based on my intuition, but I can’t help but feel it’s ALL! UNNATURAL!!!!

External Image
Some random comic where Dmitri wants to have a sleepover with Laf for the first time in a while. SEE, I TOLD YOU DMITRI WAS A POTTY MOUTH TOO….
Idk if it wasn’t already obvious, but Dmitri’s usually pretty self-conscious and concerned with his image and being normal (or specifically, not-weird). He’s embarrassed here because he feels like it’s not normal for a teenage boy and a teenage girl to sleep in the same bed without any implications (even though literal sleeping is all they’re doing.) Idk. I’M SO BAD AT TALKING ABOUT MY CHARACTERS, THESE DAYS!!!!

External Image
Last one. It’s so brief. I’VE TALKED SO MUCH ALREADY, I’M SO SORRY…!!!
There’s actually more to this conversation here, maybe I’ll draw it later. BUT YEAH, it is canon for Lafayette’s Japanese name to be Ritsu. Originally it was going to be Ryuuichi, but Ritsu’s apparently androgynous. So there you go. Bluh. I’m so tired of talking.
Laf doesn’t care if people call him Ritsu, but he somewhat prefers Lafayette.

HERE’S THIS DUMP OF UNORGANIZED INFORMATION ABOUT MY CHARACTERS. If something didn't make sense... maybe ask questions, if you're interested....... /WEIRD STATEMENT

I feel like this post would be more organized if it was arranged in like a questionnaire format, haha. xD; SOMETIMES IT'S EASIER TO SAY SOMETHING IF YOU KNOW THE QUESTION YOU HAVE TO ANSWER!


WEH sorry for never updating. I've just been kinda unmotivated lately, and I can't think of anything I wanna draw. -u-/ It's been cloudy and rainy for a couple weeks, which really drains me for some reason. I'm also weirdly busy (even though it doesn't really feel like I am... IDK, IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE THIS SEMESTER'S JUST WEIRD.)
But yeah, have some doodles/sketches/whatevzzzzzzzz.

External Image
Some thing of Stefan and Noland I drew 'cause I was temporarily really into this song. Fleetwood Mac always reminds me of my mom, who reminds me of Stefan to a degree. SO THERE.
Stefan's arm was really weird to draw. I took a picture of my friend doing the pose so I'd have a ref, but it still didn't make much sense. orz I SHOULD PRACTICE, BUT... STUFF LIKE THIS IS SO BOTHERSOME, AHA;; Also Stefan had two eyes originally, but I couldn't draw the second one right when I was darkening the sketch. Yeah. Idk. orz
The background is supposed to say "Don't say that she's pretty" not "don't say that she pretty";;; idk how I forgot the s. *U*;;;

External Image
I still don't really know how to draw Chrystal. -u-/

External Image
NOLAND! Nothing else to say here. :^D

External Image
Lafayette wearing something idk he'd actually wear. Also, I only ever draw him in red sneakers. idk what's up with that.

External Image
SEE! The red sneakers. They never leave him.

External Image
Nowi sketch I did for a mini print. I started inking, but I'm not really feeling it anymore. "orz I think I'll just ink and color the flats, and leave it at that.

External Image
Some thing of Sasakure.UK, 'cause I like his music. I was surprised when I first found out how cheerful his personality is, 'cause his lyrics are so dramatic, haha.

External Image
I've been listening to vocaloid stuff lately, so I drew this while listening to a playlist of the previously mentioned sasakure.UK. :U Idk who this is, she just looks like an OOC Vanity Fanfare to me. :Y

External Image
This is just a skirt version of this, 'cause I like that outfit but I wanted to draw a skirt. Idk about the legs, though, they look too long to me.

External Image
I draw Lafayette a lot, but I don't really feel like I have any particular connection to him. As in, idk if I even particularly like him as a character. ?? A mystery.
Also, excuse the swearing. Also also, that's a "2", not a "Z", in the text.

Okay yeah, that's all. HAVE A LOVELY DAY, BROJOJOJO.

New Character Concepts: Chantre

BAM. New character out of nowhere.

I was randomly looking through my Facebook feed, and clicked on one of those "DISNEY CHARACTERS GENDERBENT!" articles. I don't usually click on them, but this article was actually kinda cool 'cause it used the original screencaps from the movies, and edited them for the genderbend. The end result was that all the genderbend designs had faces that were pretty similar to their originals, which was surprisingly neat! I don't see many gender bend designs that take that into consideration.
BUT. That's not what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is that Snow White's genderbend design was pretty, and made me want to make a new character with that sort of appeal.
External Image

But yeah! I suddenly wanted to make a delicate and mild-mannered kind of prince character. I whipped this up last night before looking up any sort of refs for the outfit:
External Image
And then put this together this morning, using this as my main ref:
External Image
Still needs a little bit of work, but I'm feeling pretty good about this design.

Anyway, I've started thinking about some stuff for this character. >:V

First of all, I've decided he's going to replace my old character Charlotte, from the My Dear Princess cast. This also means that he's going to be in the same story as Falorin. (Idk if you remember, but I've completely decided that Falorin is a girl, now. :U Just noting for those who remember her as a boy, in case you get confused as to why I'm calling her "her," in this post.)

Second, I've decided for now that his name is Chantrey (shawn-tray)... though I kind of want to spell it Chentre, or Chentrey, or Chantre... idk yet. I like Chantre, so I'm gonna use that for the rest of this post. BUT YEAH, SHAWN-TRAY.

Since he's replacing Charlotte, he's adopted a lot of her backstory (?) and personality. I haven't really talked much about Charlotte, but here's an old profile of her's. Not all of these things are in the profile, but some things that have been passed onto Chantre from Charlotte include:

  • He's mild mannered and polite, and tends to have a peaceful disposition; is meant to be viewed as the embodiment of goodness
  • He specializes in healing magic (? if I decide to keep magic as a feature in this world)
  • He enjoys acting and singing, as well as literature and poetry
  • He's the prince of a powerful country
  • He's often coddled by his parents, and as a result is innocent to a fault
  • He's rather weak in stature, and cannot defend himself
  • He gets abducted by Falorin, and is brought to Endergia (the country Falorin is the princess/ruler of)

Yeah. So there's some stuff. I think he's a bit more naive than the original Charlotte, even. Some other things about him is that while he's not expressionless, he tends to try to keep a mild disposition rather than expressing his emotions fully. As a result, he's hardly ever seen to be truly angry, and when he cries he usually ~*~weeps softly~*~, rather than full-out cries.

As for the healing magic, idk... I don't really know if I want magic to really exist in this world, considering the change in aesthetic direction I went with. Plus, "magic politics" or whatever are a pain to deal with. Still, I do feel a pull to keep magic in this universe... especially because Falorin and Endergia are created solely from some sort of magical reason, haha. I'll need to research different ways that magic is dealt with in fiction, before I fully decide, though.

Speaking of potential stuff for this story, a potential direction I want to go with the story between Chantre and Falorin is that Chantre, from living in Endergia with Falorin, gradually becomes corrupted without him realizing it.

Falorin and Chantre/Charlotte have always been these kind of antithesis characters in my mind, with Falorin being ~*~PURE EVIL~*~ and Chantre/Charlotte being ~*~PURE GOOD~*~. Idk if you remember, Falorin is kind of an entity that was created at her current age, summoned (?) purely for the sake of being evil. More recently, I'm thinking that while Falorin was created to be pure evil, she frequently struggles with that fact because the longer she exists, the longer she is forced to think about her actions and why she's evil--which is frustrating for her, because there is no reason; she's just evil. It's not really that she grows a conscience or anything (because I don't really think she can), it's just she faces this sort of agony from the obligation to be evil. (?? Idk, I really need to think about this more before I can be more concrete with Falorin.)

Along the same vein, Chantre exists to be a purely good character. But he's not an entity like Falorin, he's a regular human that's just been sheltered to retain his innocence. Being brought to Endergia and being forced to live with Falorin in ~*~EVIL LAND~*~ exposes him to corruption, which subsequently would have the effect of corrupting him. But he's so innocent that I don't think he even fully knows what it is to be evil or corrupted, so this process would happen in him without him even knowing it. I was thinking like a ~*~big reveal~*~ at the end would be that once people actually come to rescue him at the end, he becomes so changed from who he once was that his rescuers don't recognize him--though he himself doesn't realized he's been changed. (HAHA SPOILERS??? WHO CARES, I DOUBT I'M EVER GOING TO WRITE A COHERENT STORY WITH CHANTRE.)

Idk. I guess the main theme of the Falorin-Chantre story is supposed to be that embodiments of good and evil can't truly exist, or something.

BUT UH, IDK. The above paragraphs are just ideas I have. I thought I'd spit them out in text form just to have them for reference material. Sorry if they don't make much sense, I know it can be kinda hard to keep track of my characters and what goes on with them. xD

Clearly, I still don't really know what's going on with My Dear Princess. But I feel like I can get a bit closer to understand the Falorin arc, now that Chantre is here... Probably, the story will focus solely on Falorin and Chantre in Endergia, rather than having a HUGE CAST of rando characters doing ~*~adventures~*~. I don't really know what that means, though, considering I still don't really understand Endergia and its purpose. BUT IDK, I'LL FIGURE IT OUT ONE DAY!

WOW, EXCUSE THIS BUTT-LONG POST, I JUST WANTED TO GET ALL OF MY IDEAS OUT, HAHA. Maybe you'll see more of Chantre and Falorin. Maybe you won't. WHO KNOWS!
Thanks so much for reading, though, if you did. ;u;/