Extended Profile: Tomato's Boyfriend

Name: Unknown
Nicknames: Tomato's Boyfriend (by most everyone), TB (usually by the OFAV main cast, but really by anyone), Baby etc... (by Tomato), Jacques (mistakenly by Dean)
Age: Around 21
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Special Talent: Photography, being boring, not talking (??)
Hobbies: Taking pictures, hanging out with Tomato, talking with Dean, going to the museum
Profession(s): Unemployed; freelance photographer; occasional (accidental?) model
Birthplace: France; assumedly Paris
Current Residence: Paris, France
Likes: Tomato, photography, art
Dislikes: Stefan, guys hitting on Tomato, haircuts
Love Intrest: Tomato
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Hair Color: Naturally brown, dyed darkish blonde at tips (or more like the edges of his bangs? xD idk)
Hair Length: Above mid-neck; pretty short for my characters. :d Most of my guys have pretty long hair...
Eye Color: Brown
Jewelry/accessories: Camera around neck, if you want to count it
General Appearance: He's a handsome guy, but he puts little effort into how he looks.
Relationship with Friends: He's quiet, but they like him anyways.
Key Friends: Tomato, Dean, rest of OFAV cast
Key Enemies: Stefan (more of a frienemy, though.)
Educational History: Graduated high school
Phobias / Fears: Tonsurophobia (Fear of haircuts)
Bad Habits / Vices: Not saying anything, being boring
Best Qualities: Loyal, truthful
Worst Qualities: A naturally boring guy, blunt at times
Personal Goals: To keep creeps from hitting on Tomato (?!?! xD)
Professional Goals: To be a photographer
Style of Speech: When he does talk, he’ll sometimes talk in a roundabout sort of way as to avoid the actual question; he's also French, so imagine he speaks in a French accent. xD
Personality: Unbelievably boring, quiet, stoic-ish (MAYBE HE'S VULCAN? no.) (I say stoic-ish rather than straight-up stoic because he's not completely unimotional or indifferent to emotions, his normal mode is just... seemingly bored. xD;)

TB is, obviously, Tomato’s Boyfriend. He’s a self-taught photographer and hopes to be a professional photographer some day. However, because he’s never had any formal photography training, his career isn’t going too well. He currently has no real job except for selling photos at random and sometimes modeling with Tomato. He sometimes models with Tomato because photographers who are supposed to be photographing Tomato will occasionally ask TB to come in the picture as well. Why this happens is a mystery.
TB really wants to go to college.
Besides photography, TB enjoys going to the museum because it’s quiet, calming, and has art.

TB is a very quiet guy. This is partially because French is his first language, and he doesn’t like speaking English often. Usually he says the minimal amount of words needed for a conversation, but if caught on a good day, he’ll talk in a long and circuitous manner as to annoy the listener for his own enjoyment.
He usually does this to Stefan.
But he’s actually not a bad guy. He’s the kind of guy who’ll listen to all your problems instead of voicing his own opinion on the matter.
He doesn’t like Stefan, though. xD He knows Stefan’s got a crush on Tomato, so he tries to keep them as far apart as possible. Which is kind of difficult since Stefan is Tomato’s manager…
Oh yeah, TB will also occasionally slip some French into his speech.

TB has a tendency to look very… bored. He claims it’s a bad habit. As a result, people usually get the impression that TB is kind of aloof and cold. He’s actually just bad at showing emotions. His bored-ness is also shown in his clothes, which usually consists of a plain colored tee and jeans. He just doesn’t like putting effort into how he looks because he thinks it’s a little weird. (That’s another reason why Stefan hates him. :D) BUT HE’S A NICE GUY! REALLY! Tomato often brags about how romantic TB is when they’re out together.
Such anger is usually directed toward Stefan.

Besides Tomato, Dean is TB’s best friend. How this really happened is kind of a mystery… I guess it’s because out of all the cast, the only person willing to listen to Dean is TB. Because TB is French, Dean mistakenly calls TB “Jacques”. This is not TB’s name, but he lets Dean call him that anyways. (I guess it’s more comfortable for Dean to call TB a real name instead of… well… TB or Tomato’s boyfriend.) TB often listens to Dean talk; Dean usually talks about Leah, the girl he likes, and Mick, Leah’s boyfriend. TB is basically the only character that Dean has real dialogue with.

Lastly, TB has a fear of GETTING HIS HAIR CUT! 8D By other people, at least. His reasoning is that sharp pointy object + near his neck + in the hands of a stranger = DANGEROUS. So he cuts and dyes his own hair.