This is My Worlds account. I'm not going to be uptading a lot. Just letting you know. I'm not too great at introductions either. Pm me if you'd like to.


What are your favorite ways to procrastinate? And who else has been MIA for a while here? :O

Happy New Year


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It's been a long long long while.

I almost forgot about this place. :O
(How the hell could I????)
And I don't like the heat. It's not bad, but I cant seem to fall asleep when I fell hot. ;__;
And I am getting a haircut next week. And then afterwards I'm giong to watch the new Harry Potter movie (Yay! ^^). This one actually looks interesting. Unlike the one before it. That one is pretty hazy. It wasn't great in my opinion.
Now I have the sudden urge to eat cheesecake and watch "Who's Line is it Anyway". XD
I do not know why.
I'll be going to Flordia for a couple of weeks to visit me cousin as well. Then I might be going to Canada afterwards with my family. I feel like I have a life. :D

I like cats. :3

Packing up

I am moving. Blah. -.-
The place sucks, but I really don't have a choice. I'll still have my laptop though so that's a plus. <3
And I need a job. =/
I was thinking of getting one at Barnes and Nobles because I go there often. I keep forgeting to ask for an application, or if they're hiring for that matter. DX
I have nothing to do during the Summer. -.-
Aaaaaand I've been wanting jelly beans and got some today. Yay! <3
They're JellyBelly ones and they have yummy flavors. :D
I like the marshmallow one. XD

I don't remember where I got this picture from, or if I've used it already. It's really nice though.

All I wanted was some pocky...

Today was fun.
It was a half day at my school, so I got out around 11:30 this morning. So I was just walking around with a few friends trying to figure out what to do. Now there's this radio station called Hot97, and they were outside the 711 near my school. So pretty much all of my school was in the 711 parking lot.

So me and my friends decided to go to the mall, and while, we're in that are, we could stopp by this little Japanese mart to buy pocky. They have it cheaper than the other places that sell them. Now we get to the mall and we really don't have anything to do. So we just buy quesadillas to eat and then leave to go to the mart.

Since we didn't know how to get there my friend calls her dad and he gives us directions. However, we go the wrong way and almost end up in the city. XD

Now we're taking the bus back towards the store and another bus breaks down. So the passengers from that bus come onto this one. And this old woman starts to argue with a group of girls. She actually got so loud that I couldn't hear my friend, although she was sitting right next to me.

Now we get to the mart, buy our damn pocky, and take the train home.
That was horrible, so horrible it was funny. I got my pocky though. So I'm happy.

Long stupid post. I know.