The Voice

Ok ~ I'm so slacking off on work but taking a break to randomly dribble on about things is ok once in a while :P ~

this time I was just listening to music and thinking how unfair things can be.

I mean - most of you have heard of the TV/Music show "The Voice" right? A show where they first choose artists based on their voices alone? awesome concept right?

Well What happens after the Aussies get their coaches? They have a battle royale couple on couple to get rid of half the competition.....

BUT WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU LIKE BOTH? OMG - these two singers sang an awesome rendition of Adele's Turning and I was so sad to see one go (they both have beautiful voices - I actually thought the one that left actually sang this better but I still love the other one too T_T)

well listen ~ It's a beautiful song