I don't really use theO much anymore but I guess I'll just fangirl about Vocaloid on here~

(Welcome image by ゆづもち; background image by Razzy)

Cevio Color Voices

All character designs/names revealed!

And you can hear them sing here:


http://cafe.naver.com/vocaloidempire apparently this site has more uni fanart (makes sense since that where she was 'revealed') too bad it's a bit hard to navigate w/o knowing korean but it's good that there are some fanarts of her even if her full design isn't revealed yet

Snow Miku 2016!

Good smile company & piapro are working together this year to host the contest, any artist interested should check it out! Snow Miku's design keeps getting better every year so hopefully we'll see a lot of good entries :D

More details here

ALYS contest!

ALYS Art contest

Gaku V4?

Gakupo V4

apparently Kamui Gakupo is getting a v4 at the end of April. Of course it could be an April fool's joke, there are audio samples though. We'll just have to wait and see.