I don't really use theO much anymore but I guess I'll just fangirl about Vocaloid on here~

(Welcome image by ゆづもち; background image by Razzy)

Rin/Len v4

Here are Rin & Len's new v4 designs!

I don't think there's a demo song for Len yet, but here's a Rin Sweet demo!

(I'm not sure how many people even see these posts...if you're in America (and a certain part of Canada), we're lucky for once because Miku Expo's touring multiple cities this year and not just NY/Cali :D)

Dex and Daina!

Dex & Daina have been released and are on sale today! (about 20 bucks cheaper than usual I think?) Headphones replacing their animal ears in this art but I guess it'll be a choice on which design to use when ppl make vids)

Dex: https://www.zero-g.co.uk/store/vocaloid-daina-p544.php
Daina: https://www.zero-g.co.uk/store/vocaloid4-daina-p545.php

Check out EmpathP's beautiful demo song!


GUMI v4 is finally happening~!

You can hear a teaser of her voice here


Selena's design revealed! The winner of the voice provider is Katerinu2! :D Selena is going to be on the Festival Engine, hopefully it'll be a successful project

EDIT: Selena's art is going to be redesigned, will post when it's updated!


Winner of the Fukase contest, Mikuma! The art style looks pretty cool, not sure if this will be on the final box art or if this design will be redrawn by another artist but enjoy! In other news, Arsloid was put up for sale, and Ruby was supposed to be released on the same day as well but apparently there is a slight delay.