I don't really use theO much anymore but I guess I'll just fangirl about Vocaloid on here~

(Welcome image by ゆづもち; background image by Razzy)


ONE, a cevio connected to IA has a singing voice now~

Uni concept art?

Found this, not sure if it's concept art or rejected design but it's something, looks cute though I think the other full body accidentally leaked/revealed looks better. Hopefully we'll know more soon, though summer's still pretty far away.


Luka& Yukari V4

Megurine Luka V4x & Yuzuki Yukari V4 (jun, lin, & onn) have been released today, congrats~!


New Yukari V4 demos!


Yukari Lin & Onn~


Yet another voice synthesizer, also a giveaway, though not sure if it's still going on.