I don't really use theO much anymore but I guess I'll just fangirl about Vocaloid on here~

(Welcome image by ゆづもち; background image by Razzy)


Syo's intended design is better than PowerFX's imo, hopefully they can get this all sorted out :P (Some drama I don't feel like repeating, you can find it on VO and tumblr if you're really curious)

Tohoku Kiritan and Itako!

Zunko's sisters finally got voices! One is based off a fox spirit or something and the other is off another creature, apparently the "ears" are actually knives, I didn't notice before someone pointed it out lol

Dex and Daina

Two new kemonomimi vocaloids from ZeroG, Dex & Daina~


New vocaloid Arsloid/Akira Kano, he's based on a member of ARSMAGNA, a popular odottemita (dance) group :D Finally a new male! Although, he's private for now.

Scarlet Drop

Ling's full demo is out now~!