I don't really use theO much anymore but I guess I'll just fangirl about Vocaloid on here~

(Welcome image by ゆづもち; background image by Razzy)

Luka box art/demo


Luka's b-day is tomorrow~ (today in Japan) and there's expected to be a new demo from her V4 bank tomorrow as well :D

Xin Hua Demo Song


New American Engloid~ Ppl are calling her Cyva for short, wish she had a proper name (and better box art, I believe that's stock photo, and Yamaha def. has enough to actually hire a real model) but yeah.

You can listen to her demos here: youtube.com/channel/UCpPJptmWG6SdhMQE8Qsgnhg/videos

Xin Hua MMD vid

It hasn't been 2 weeks yet and there's already a pretty cool looking MMD model for Xin Hua lol

(The black haired girl is a Taiwanese UTAU called Xia Yu Yao)