why banning games is bs

Want to know something interesting? According to the APA, Caz, Blue, and I will kill you all! Seriously they say that if you play violent video games you will have an increase of aggression and probably kill someone because you would get “inspired” by these games. Now I'm a pacifist, Caz is too nice to kill, and Blue.... well I don't know about him. But they seriously say this and what is even more serious is that they are WRONG! Throughout my life I have played video games and violent ones at that and I am not a violent person. Stop rolling your eyes, I'm being serious.

Now I have a question to anyone that can answer it: is the APA bipolar? First they say there is no link between violent behavior and video games, and now they say there is a link and then they say there is no direct link. Seriously they sound like idiots changing their opinion like a girls outfit. Meanwhile the Government and Harvard have studied video game violence and they both say there is no link between the two. And honestly I'm going with the Harvard and the government's studies because they actually seem more reliable.

Yeah, I know some games are violent and deserve to be only in adult hands. But seriously what parent in their right mind would get a M rated game for their 10 year old son? Well they would be cool parents but insane none the less. I mean would you buy a knife for a less than sharp 5 year old? I don't know about you, but I wouldn't. Yes, games should be censored, in fact they are (think the Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto series). The ESRB was founded because of a violent game, a game you probably know: Mortal Kombat, and the ESRB is a good thing, so some good things come out off video games.
A friend of mine wrote an essay that states that certain games are beneficial to a person and I agree. She stated that platformers (puzzle-like games) helped people think in a new way to solve a problem. Rhythm games help with your reaction speed and timing. RTS games (real time strategy games) force you to take the leader's role and command an army, while commanding you feel responsible for every defeat at the hands of your enemies and every victory over them. First person shooters, depending on the person, cause you to think ahead and manage their recourses. So if you play games you can actually benefit from the experience.

So at the end (and after 100 pages of research) ,I still have my stance on the video game violence issue. I have told you my side of the argument. I have shared what the research has to say about the issue. I feel that the APA's view, Harvard's view, the government's view, and the ESRB's view are credible sources. I have told you about the origin of the ESRB and why they were created. I have given you a summery of my friend's essay, and my opinion of a 10 year-old playing Grand Theft Auto. In the end it is your choice whether or not you believe that video games incite violence.