okay dai is hooked on vocaloid now don't judge me
at the moment dai don't know all the vocaloids but here is a list of who he know if dai left some out please tell dai oh an no for get to look at the pics for them dai went to alot of trouble to get them

the secret garden concert re post

[Len, Piko, Ryuto ] Circus Monster repost


tomorrow i shall be going through my post to make sure the videos are on the up and up and still playing i went through the list on top and have reposted new pictures to replace the broken ones those are

neru (think its the same pic just a different uploader)


ruko (She just needed a better one)


piko (I just had to couldn't live with the old one anymore)



I may change more but I'll think about it afterwards so just a heads up if you see a lot of posts from me at one time but I don't even know how many are down but they will be on top if I re-upload it bye for now everyone.

Teto and Ritsu will be first if I do change them


THANKS ALOT FOR WISING DAI A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It touches dai's heart and wanted to thank you all personally but dai can't post more than a few comments at a time so dai is posting it here in order to thank you all personally ^^. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!!!

External Image

ps: still isn't a post without a pic

time to vote

Okay dai i gunna change the background of this world and need help so dai will leave it up to you dai needs you to help choose between these wallpapers. also don't be mad that two are of black rock sh...

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