KAITO V3 - Mood Ice Cream (Original)

Yay, more shameless self-promotion! XD

This is the first finished and uploaded original work I've done. As it is, Kaito loves ice cream, so why not sing about it in English this time? :3

That wasn't much to be said, but still, I hope you enjoy! ^_^

Original song: Mood Ice Cream by CeleSushiP
Vocals: KAITO V3 (English voicebank)
Image by: CeleSushiP
Posted on YouTube by: CeleSushiP
Availability: Currently unavailable

Let It Go (Japanese version, "Ari No Mama De") - KAITO V3

Okay, okay, shameless self-promotion XD I FINALLY got a video up of something I put together, and while I didn't write the song, I at least made the .vsqx file for Kaito's voice from scratch :D

And it's finally available in the US again; apparently, due to a claim from the Mandarin Chinese version of the song, it was flagged.

Yeah. The Mandarin version.

Anyways, without further ado, here's KAITO V3 (Straight & Whisper) singing the Japanese version of Frozen's "Let It Go", "Ari No Mama De." Enjoy! ^_^

(Also, I pitched it up a half-step and changed the feminine particles to masculine ones)

Original song: Let It Go by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez, and Idina Menzel; Japanese version sung by Takako Matsu
Vocals: KAITO V3 (Straight and Whisper voicebanks), .vsqx by CelestialSushi
Image by: Crypton Future Media (Kaito image) and CelestialSushi (background and writing)
Posted on YouTube by: CelestialSushi
Availability: Original song and background tracks available from major retailers and online music stores like Amazon and iTunes

Kotobatoraborato - daniwellP (sung by Kiisuke)

Hello again!

Been a while, huh? :D Then again, as of late (or at least, since Monday, March 11th), I've been working with KAITO V3 :D Hopefully, I'll be able to get some work up soon. Whether or not I'll post them in here or in a separate blog remains to be seen, but that'll be decided when it actually comes up.

Anyways, I wanted to share this really neat song with you all called "Kotobatoraborato". I don't know if anyone knows what the title means, but to me, it looks like "kotoba to raborato", which would mean "words and ???" because I can't seem to find what "raborato" would mean.

The original song, created by daniwellP (creator of the infamous "Nyan Cat" song :D) was sung by Hatsune Miku (and is really cute :3) but I've found a fantastic version sung by someone called Kiisuke. I really like his voice :D

Without further ado, here's daniwellP's "Kotobatoraborato", as sung by vocalist Kiisuke. Enjoy :D (The actual video title is 『コトバトラボラト』歌ってみたり。【きー助】 for those who were curious.)

Original song: コトバトラボラト (Kotobatoraborato) by daniwellP
Vocals: きー助 (Kiisuke)
Animation by: daniwellP
Posted on YouTube by: 立花 ひかる (Tachibana Hikaru; not sure if the kanji is "Tachibana")
Availability: Online cover from Niconico; original song available on iTunes and Amazon

Byakkoya no Musume (feat. KAITO & Kagamine Rin) - Hirasawa Susumu and BucchigiriP

Hello, all, and welcome to Vocaloid Variety! Here is where I would like to share some Vocaloid songs that I like, be they original language, translations, covers, anything that has to do with Vocaloid (and possibly UTAU and UTAUloids as well :D).

Without further ado, let's start off with a bang, shall we? Here is what is claimed (by KAITO's page on the Vocaloid wiki) to be the most realistic-sounding KAITO song made. The song itself is a cover of the movie Paprika's ending theme, "Byakkoya no Musume" ("Daughter/girl in White Tiger Field" as some translations go) by Hirasawa Susumu. The vocals of KAITO and Kagamine Rin (who is occasionally used in the background) were created by BucchigiriP, who has does such a fantastic job of making KAITO's voice sound so... realistic.

Anyways, here it is; enjoy.

Original song: "Byakkoya no Musume"[Paprika soundtrack] by Susumu Hirasawa
Vocals: KAITO and Kagamine Rin, synthesized by BucchigiriP
Animation by: Glider
Posted on YouTube by: Senwyn1
Availability: Online cover; original song available on iTunes