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So in all honesty I have no idea what to really expect from this game. I know you get to play as Riku and Sora. That Lea/Axel is somehow involved. That The World Ends With You is referenced openly, though I never finished that game. W...

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Kingdom Hearts Recap Master Post

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
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Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded

Kingdom Hearts: 3D/Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts Liveblog Countdown

Just a heads up, the next Kingdom Hearts game will be out in a few days. Expect the first post to go up Tuesday night (as I work on Tuesday) and a post or two every day until the game is finished. I plan on cross-posting to tumblr, if only for organizational reasons (tags never seem to work here). I don't know if I plan on posting it to my main account or creating a new page for it. I'll post a link whichever way I decide though. So, expect to be hearing a lot from me for the next few days.

Quick Kingdom Hearts 3D Update

So I guess I lied yesterday. Because I totally read an article about Kingdom Hearts over on Kotaku today. Only it wasn't really supposed to spoil KH:3D, but I'm a crazy person and read the comments. The commenter in question seems to think that KH:3D is pretty much the third game in the main series, but since it is a 3DS title, can't officially be the third game. In other words, stuff is going to go down in KH:3D and now I'm super excited for it where as before I was a bit "meh."

As for the article itself, it is pretty short, and basically says that Tai Yasue (the director of 3D) would love to see a Pixar inspired world in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Fingers crossed! I really want Finding Nemo to replace Little Mermaid, personally.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Update

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For those of you who are interested, Kingdom Hearts 3D is currently being showcased at E3 this year. I'm not planning on covering what is going on there, as you can go out and read any info on it that you would like to do so without me somehow messing that up. I like for my KH news, and if that's something you're into, go check it out.

In other other news, I've stayed mostly away from spoilers other than what I've posted up here; I don't know anything else about KH:3D and I plan for things to stay that way until I get the game in my hands, which means no more KH:3D news from me.

In other, other, other news... there's a special edition version of KH:3D that comes with a special cover and some other fun things. You can pre-order it from Amazon or from your local game store. I am going to get the special edition, so when I get it I'll probably do a self-mocking "unboxing" post of some kind.

Again, thanks to those who have stuck around, and I'll be seeing more of you once KH:3D is out as I am planning on live blogging it, as live blogging KH:BBS was probably the best thing ever. I'm also considering cross-posting it to my Tumblr, so that might be a thing as well. It will try to fall more into the line of when I did ReCoded with fun links and stuff to follow that attempts to explain my brand of humor.

(PS, I still haven't finished KH:ReCoded, so it wasn't just that I fell behind live blogging it, I really just dropped that game in general.)