"I started out dying in a small cottage in Ohio, and now I want to kill her...my master, my only friend, and my lover..."

Find out what happens in GaaraGirl911's latest fiction called, "Waking Up Dead"

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Waking Up Dead Chapter 6: Let's Face It

My face...

My fingers gingerly trailed this new skin I was in. I looked around the room quickly though, in search of a mirror of some sort. Soon enough my eyes met a bathroom door.

I jumped out of bed, I heard a loud crack but ignored it. I ran into the bathroom, nearly dodging the toilet and looked at myself.

The first thing I noticed was my eyes. My once green-gray eyes become a velvet blue. I then looked at my hair, afraid to touch it. It was once a light brown now the darkest black I've ever seen. It mopped over my eyes some, shagging all over.

Not only was my eyes and hair different, so was my body. My once well-built body now became a lean, pale flesh-on-bone sort of thing. My skin, oh what happened to my tan?? I look nothing like myself, I didn't even look normal for a vampire.

Sighing, I walked back toward the bed. No point in hoping I could go back. What's done is done.

I looked down at the floor next to my bed. Planks of splinters shot of it. The faded carpet was ripped enough for you to see the original color. All of a sudden, looking down at this sight, I began to laugh.

I did this. I jumped off the bed and well...Broke the floor! I laughed so hard that I'd cried if I could.

But I stopped abruptly once I heard the door open behind me.

"Fallon?" I asked, still looking at the gaping hole.

I heard a low, dark chuckle. "So, it's true. She's turned him into a vampire."

I slowly turned around, somewhat nodding in the process. I stopped to face a man much older than me. He had cold, icy eyes. They were gray-blue. His hair was dark brown. He wore a long coat with no shirt underneath. Also torn up jeans with big black boots.

"Come with me child. I promise you'll be with Fallon soon. I just need to...sign you in." He chuckled once more.

I could feel his breath peel over my face, widening my eyes. My goal was to hold my breath, but I sucked in air to do so.

My eyelids fell and I felt my body sway.

I blacked out once more in the hands of a vampire.

Waking Up Dead Chapter 5: Sunshine Senses

I blinked a few times after Fallon left. I couldn't grasp hold of the subject. This all felt like a fuzzy dream.

I looked over to the window. In all the vampire movies I've seen, vampires would burn in sunlight. I shook a little, would I burn up into ashes?

"Well, there's only one way..." I whispered to myself.

I carefully slid out of the rough bed. When my feet hit the carpet, it made a loud "CREAK!" sound. I winced at how loud the silence was after that. I glanced around, as if someone was watching me. But I was afraid to look back.

My hand slowly raised up, toward the window. The sun rays were quiet visible during this time of day. Even slower did my hand inch toward the rays. But my hand suddenly froze. Instead, it lowered back to it's original spot near my waist, and my whole body started moving closer to the light.

When I finally was fully in the light, I suddenly smelt something repulsive. My mouth went dry. My hands swarmed though my hair. My ears were ringing. My eyes began to water. And my nose began to burn.

I couldn't move though. I felt my veins popping. My teeth were chattering. I felt so hot but my skin was ice cold.....

Finally I was able to brace myself and jump out of the sunshine. I flew myself onto the nearest bed and stayed for what it seemed like hours. I then wiped away my tears and looked down at my body.

My skin was completely back to 'normal.' What was normal for a vampire anyway? It doesn't matter now though. I sighed a huge relief. I hadn't noticed, but I kept touching my face....

It felt....Different.


Waking Up Dead Chapter 4: Information for Life

What if you are a vampire?

What was she saying? Me a-a...Vampire?? It's not true...I know its not. But, now looking at her, I can tell she was not pulling my leg. She thinks I'm a vampire.

"I can't be a vampire. I have no fangs, see?" I said pointing at my canine teeth.

"Well, true vampires use their sharp nails to give a slight tear in the arm or leg and then suck the blood out. Basically no fangs." Fallon explained simply.

"Why would you think I was a vampire though?!" I yelled, louder than I should have.

"I don't think, I know." she said, crossing her arms.

"How would you know though? You said no one could tell unless I proved it to them...AND I still don't think I'm a vampire." I said, crossing my arms.

"Because I made you into a vampire." she purred.

"Well you have no proof that you did." I replied sternly.

"Yes I do."

"And what is that?"

"You're not dead."

That stopped me. I completely forgotten that I wasn't dead. And she said she took me to this place. But what was the most scary, was that I only had a fraction of my memory left. I could barely remember my family now.

"And with your silence, I prove my point." Fallon said, standing up.

"I can't remember them." I muttered, so she wouldn't hear me. But she did.

"That happens after you become a vampire. Your thoughts remain on the future, never the past. To put it simple, vampires are...distracted easily."

I looked up at her now. She was standing with her arms crossed, as if waiting for me to say or do something.

"How did you turn me into a vampire, without me knowing?" I asked.

She uncrossed her arms and held her hands to my face. "When you were just about to die, I cut your finger tips and did the same with mine. After that I pressed our two together and my cold blood rushed into your warm blood. That was the transformation."

"That means your a vampire then. Why aren't I blood thirsty though?" I asked.

"You are. But you don't know it yet. It's kinda like puberty, you can only guess when your hungry. But later on you can feel the signs that you need blood." she explained.

"What are the signs?"

"Mostly that you feel tired. Sometimes your senses are messed up." she said, walking around the room a little.

"Do I have to drink human blood? What about animals?" I asked, shifting around in the bed.

"You can drink animals, just not cats. They're poison to vampires."

"So...Do vampires live forever?"

"Sadly, yes. That's why I only would turn you into a vampire if you were dying....It's also the law." she explained.


She sighed. "This is going to take a while..."

"You can explain it to me another time, if you want."

"Alright. I'll go get you some blood then. Your nails haven't grown in yet, so you would only be in the way." She said, heading for the door.



"Does the sun effect me?" I asked.

"You have to find that out on your own." she teased, then she winked.


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Waking Up Dead Chapter 3: Dreams

I saw a black wolf run across wet allies I never seen before. Growing up on a farm, you didn't go to the city much. But, tv was always a gateway for me.

The wolf was now panting hard. Tired from running, but had to keep going. Then he slid and fell on the wet tiled rocks. I wanted to reach out and help, but then I realized that I was the wolf.

Then I saw Fallon. She was glowing, but crying. She walked over as gracefully as I saw her do before, but she was limping. She knelt before me, and sat down against the wall. Then she lifted my head onto her lap, and gently stroked my fur.

While she did this I heard a soft humming. For some reason, it didn't sound like it was coming from her. But I knew it was...I just couldn't hear clearly. I felt like I was moving away from the scene. Like I was drifting away...

I squinted as I awoke. This time not by sunlight, but by the beauty of the girl sitting on the side of my bed. She was humming the silky lullaby.

"Fallon?" I asked. My voice was a little throaty.

That broke the song's spell. She blinked as if she just awoke herself.

"Oh, Adlewolf. How are you feeling?" she asked with a sweet voice.

"Uh, fine I guess." I replied, but then I realized it was later. "Explain." I commanded.

She ignored my order. "Tell me, what do you think of vampires?"

I decided to go along. "What about them?"

"Oh you know. Drinking blood, never sleeping. Stuff like that."

"Um...I guess they're pretty cool. Never sleeping would be hard." I guess that was a good way to put it.

"Would you ever want to be one?" Now that questioned stopped me. I never put thought into stuff like that.

"Well...I don't know. There's good things and bad things about vampires."

"What if you were one? What wouldn't you like?" I felt awkward pulling away from the subject I wanted.

"I guess it would be killing innocent people. And how everyone would want to kill you for it." I replied.

"What if you never could die? What if you didn't kill people? What if no one could ever tell you were a vampire unless you proved it?" she questioned.

"What are you getting at?" I asked loudly.

"What if you are a vampire?"