Waking Up Dead Chapter 1: Time To Die

Here I was....Dying....Alone....No Hope....

Memories flashed in my head.

I grew up on a small farm in Ohio. Happy times it was. Good crops too. I remember the way my family would always pray before dinner. I wish I could pray right now, but I knew it wouldn't do any good.

My whole family died from a disease. They were picked off one by one.

Ma was the first. She didn't last even two days.

Then Simon. He was the oldest of the children. He was even planning on moving to town soon. Work with the factories too.

Next was Pa. I would think he would be the strongest of us all.

When he died it was just Jasper and me. I knew I would be next. Jasper was strong and hearty. He never let something like this kill him. But as all my predictions are, he died two days later.

But I didn't cry when Ma died. I didn't cry when Simon died. I didn't cry when Pa died. I cried when Jasper died. Of all the family members, he was the closest to me. Heck, he was the one the taught me all I know. And now he's gone. And I will be too shortly...

As I lay there thinking my worst thoughts, I was staring out the window near the small bed of mine. Since I was the youngest, I got my own bed when I was sick. But outside the window a strange aura could be felt, maybe even seen? It was fall though. Winter usually brought stuff like that. The aura was cold, but I felt warm.

'This what it must feel like when you die.' I thought.

I decided to close my eyes. When someone finally came for our bodies, I wanted to look at ease. Just like Jasper does right now... I felt like I was drifting some place else. Like the whole world was crumbling under me.

I knew this was it, time to die.

But what was the most strangest thing was I felt the tips of my fingers quiver and felt like needles were darting into the veins. My hand began to freeze. And it moved up into my whole body too. I was dying. That's all to it. When my whole body was freezing, I slipped into sleep. Maybe
unconsciousness, I just knew this was the end of me.

I wanted to whisper something though, as if my brother could still here me. I began to feel my lips move. Next thing I knew, I said "Goodbye."

To be continued....Next Chapter: A Girl To Remember