Waking Up Dead Chapter 2: A Girl To Remember

I sat up and screamed. I just had the worst nightmare ever, I was about to die.

A bright light woken me. I put my arm up to guard it out of my eyes. I tried looking around, hoping I wouldn't see dead bodies on their beds. Once my eyes finally adjusted, they gazed around the room, with curiosity, and worry.

I wasn't in my small room on the farm. I was somewhere else. I was in a huge bed, with a green cover that smelled a little. There was another bed just like it on the other side of me. It seemed no one was in it last night though.

Then I looked around at the walls and furniture. There was a tv, a desk with a chair, and a small fridge. All this stuff was so interesting to look at...

But then I finally realized it. I wasn't even near my home anymore. Pa's not here. Ma's not here. Simon's not here. Not even Jasper. It hurt thinking of him. I prayed that they swooped me up during the night, to stay a hotel for vacation or something.

As much as I prayed, I knew the truth. I couldn't feel their presence here. And I had a grave feeling they were dead. I shuddered at the thought.

I wanted to try to get up, but when I pressed my fingers on the bed to hop off, a seize of pain cracked throughout my fingers. Immediately, I lifted my hands off of the bed and fell to the floor.

Now I had a chance to look at the carpet. It was red, but it seemed faded. I held my hands to my face. My fingers had a reason for hurting, the tips had about an inch long cut on all of them. Now just the scars were left.

I stood up, still staring at my fingers, and sat on the bed. But when I did, I heard a door open in front of me...

A young girl about my age stepped in gracefully. She had bangs, and around her ears, her hair was longer. But in the back it was cut short. She was a brunette, but the cuffed around her ears was black. When I finally met her gaze, I realized she had been staring at me.

Her eyes were a gray-green. Simon had these eyes. From far away they looked gray, but up close they would be a bright green. From here, I could see the gray and the green together.

"Good morning." she said as gracefully as she was walking toward me. "My name's Fallon. What's yours?"

I noticed she had an Irish accent on her. And because I had a small interest in the Celtic language, I knew that her name meant Leader.

"Adelwolf." I answered. The moment I said that, I knew I was wrong. My name was something else, more popular like my brothers'. But what was it? I tried to remember a time when Ma would called my name for dinner, but I heard was, blank.

I looked up at her again. She was smiling. I found myself attracted to her smile. It was sweet, but it wasn't fake.

"Good. It seems you have forgotten your real name. Your name meaning is noble wolf now, isn't?" she said, not asking a question. But I nodded anyway. I too knew what it meant, even though I never studied the English names before enough to know.

Finally I had the courage to ask, "What's going on? Explain why I'm here."

Her face fell a little, hoping I wouldn't question her. "Your here, because I brought you here."

That wasn't enough of an answer. "And?" I asked impatiently.

She shook her head. "I'll explain it to you later. Get some rest now."

"But I'm not even-" I was cut off by her placing a hand to my head. I fell back on the bed and passed out. But right before I did, I saw the same scars left on her fingers too.