Waking Up Dead Chapter 3: Dreams

I saw a black wolf run across wet allies I never seen before. Growing up on a farm, you didn't go to the city much. But, tv was always a gateway for me.

The wolf was now panting hard. Tired from running, but had to keep going. Then he slid and fell on the wet tiled rocks. I wanted to reach out and help, but then I realized that I was the wolf.

Then I saw Fallon. She was glowing, but crying. She walked over as gracefully as I saw her do before, but she was limping. She knelt before me, and sat down against the wall. Then she lifted my head onto her lap, and gently stroked my fur.

While she did this I heard a soft humming. For some reason, it didn't sound like it was coming from her. But I knew it was...I just couldn't hear clearly. I felt like I was moving away from the scene. Like I was drifting away...

I squinted as I awoke. This time not by sunlight, but by the beauty of the girl sitting on the side of my bed. She was humming the silky lullaby.

"Fallon?" I asked. My voice was a little throaty.

That broke the song's spell. She blinked as if she just awoke herself.

"Oh, Adlewolf. How are you feeling?" she asked with a sweet voice.

"Uh, fine I guess." I replied, but then I realized it was later. "Explain." I commanded.

She ignored my order. "Tell me, what do you think of vampires?"

I decided to go along. "What about them?"

"Oh you know. Drinking blood, never sleeping. Stuff like that."

"Um...I guess they're pretty cool. Never sleeping would be hard." I guess that was a good way to put it.

"Would you ever want to be one?" Now that questioned stopped me. I never put thought into stuff like that.

"Well...I don't know. There's good things and bad things about vampires."

"What if you were one? What wouldn't you like?" I felt awkward pulling away from the subject I wanted.

"I guess it would be killing innocent people. And how everyone would want to kill you for it." I replied.

"What if you never could die? What if you didn't kill people? What if no one could ever tell you were a vampire unless you proved it?" she questioned.

"What are you getting at?" I asked loudly.

"What if you are a vampire?"