Waking Up Dead Chapter 5: Sunshine Senses

I blinked a few times after Fallon left. I couldn't grasp hold of the subject. This all felt like a fuzzy dream.

I looked over to the window. In all the vampire movies I've seen, vampires would burn in sunlight. I shook a little, would I burn up into ashes?

"Well, there's only one way..." I whispered to myself.

I carefully slid out of the rough bed. When my feet hit the carpet, it made a loud "CREAK!" sound. I winced at how loud the silence was after that. I glanced around, as if someone was watching me. But I was afraid to look back.

My hand slowly raised up, toward the window. The sun rays were quiet visible during this time of day. Even slower did my hand inch toward the rays. But my hand suddenly froze. Instead, it lowered back to it's original spot near my waist, and my whole body started moving closer to the light.

When I finally was fully in the light, I suddenly smelt something repulsive. My mouth went dry. My hands swarmed though my hair. My ears were ringing. My eyes began to water. And my nose began to burn.

I couldn't move though. I felt my veins popping. My teeth were chattering. I felt so hot but my skin was ice cold.....

Finally I was able to brace myself and jump out of the sunshine. I flew myself onto the nearest bed and stayed for what it seemed like hours. I then wiped away my tears and looked down at my body.

My skin was completely back to 'normal.' What was normal for a vampire anyway? It doesn't matter now though. I sighed a huge relief. I hadn't noticed, but I kept touching my face....

It felt....Different.