Welcome to the Anime Walk of Fame, a series of retrospectives on the many characters of the anime world. You'll see all your favorites along with a few that deserve more than their reputations give.

So sit back relax and enjoy the show.

The Pokemon Anime Really Misses Dawn

I've been quite a fierce critic of the current Pokemon anime having seen opportunities missed and beloved characters done dirty, the harshest of which aimed at the removal of a regular female travelling companion and being stuck with Chloe, I don't hate Chloe, she's just wasted and this became more apparent when Dawn came back.

Dawn was the Sinnoh season's female travelling companion and one of very few to follow a complete story arc and have equal billing with Ash, I very much welcome her return and feel lucky that were seeing a four part special with her next week even if it is for promotional sake, it's frustrating to see Pokemon come in with these characters but stick with such lacklustre setups and story when spinoffs and specials are doing a much better job.
At this point I'm surprised it still holds an audience.

Maple's Game Breaking is No Different to Real Life

One of my favourite anime over the last year is Bofuri, an anime about a girl who becomes invincible in her online game through a desire not to get hurt essentially making her a walking tank.

Through her wide eyed discovery, she acquires an unbreakable shield, a monster she can call on command to devour enemies with poison, a rideable animal that is not only strong but can fly past most enemies along with additional abilities she picks up making her pretty much the god tier character.
But how anyone gets there in real life is basically the same way Maple did in Bofuri, you experiment until you perfect the game you're playing.
Any speedrunner will tell you that glitch exploiting is usually discovered by accident at first but then becomes the tool of choice for the runners; the reason why Street Fighter II has so many ports is because one clever gamer discovered a glitch that accidentally invented combos in fighting games and they ended up building on it further. Pokemon is no different as speedrunners can glitch the game to the end without even catching a Pokemon. You can also picture the look on the gamers face when the backwards long jump in Mario 64 was discovered.
So to all the gamers, Maple is your official waifu.

Hinata's Ramen Feat is Based on an Actual Eating Challenge

If you think these little reviews are small then it's because I hope to revisit the characters again later to maybe talk about something else, so expect a few of them to make reappearances later on, for now we start with some fact hunting.

Hinata Hyuuga to most is the shy girl who loves Naruto and eventually became his wife, but looking at her history, the moments we do get from her including her shadow like dance on the water, her brave attempt at fighting Pain, her big moment of finally becoming Naruto's true love and her insatiable appetite for Ramen.
Naruto's affinity for ramen created a couple of one off episodes centering around a ramen eating contest where a select group of characters battle it out by consuming as many bowls of Ramen as possible, the winner is not Chouji whose whole jutsu revolves around eating, it's not Kiba who likely has the appetite of an animal and it's not Naruto who pretty much eats it every day, it's actually Hinata.
This feat pays homage to a real life Ramen eating challenge in a century old Ramen shop called Azumaya, the challenge is to consume as many small bowls of Wanko Soba Noodles, for context 15 small bowls equals 1 standard size.
The current world record is 570 bowls set by a Japanese woman of whom the owner described in his own words "toothpick thin" it's mind boggling to think that anyone could consume that much.
For context Hinata's equivalent record would be 690 bowls after a small bit of math, but what really can be taken from this is that it's always the person you least suspect beating these challenges and this little bit of Japanese history inspired this popular Naruto gag.

Hating Boruto Just Means You're Old

Boruto gets plenty of criticism even from me although my reasons are for recycling plots from the OG Naruto and making them worse as opposed to the characters themselves but every complaint is reserved for Boruto himself but it's not really his fault.

Boruto is of course Naruto's son, he has the same trouble making persona but while Naruto acted out in order not to feel lonely, Boruto acts out on daddy issues and the fact that the leader of a friggin country is not spending more time with him. You can already see the difference and already you can see Boruto as a spoiled brat, but that's kind of what kids do, they have different priorities especially as Boruto is growing up in peacetime as opposed to the wars Naruto battled in, his attitude reflects the world around him and he decides to follow a path that better suits him although he seems predestined to become a hybrid of Naruto and Sasuke if the teaser time skips are to be believed.
Those who hate him watched the original and Shippuden and would've been happy to end it there but Boruto wasn't made for you it was made for the new weebs and they'll either grow some taste later or think Naruto is a Fortnite character.

Fujiko Mine was Supposed to be Multiple Women

Following on from Faye Valentine, let's cover Fujiko herself and some insight into her design.

Fujiko Mine is a master thief who frequently teams up with the Lupin gang mostly for her own interests and she's one of the few characters who can act on Lupin's level, but her original creation was quite different.
Late author Monkey Punch designed Fujiko as the woman of the week, inspired by the women of Ian Fleming's James Bond stories and films, so called Bond girls, sexy femme fatales that the lead character can hook up with or become a convenient plot device to drive the narrative.
As the franchise continued, readers were confusing the female characters as the same character and Fujiko was born, becoming a foil for Lupin as well as the prototype for all femme fatales that followed, the irony of becoming her own character is that her origins became more mysterious which gave us the art house project Woman Named Fujiko Mine as well as allowing her more freedom in her design as the decades go on.
Definitely a worthy contender for best female character in anime.