The Dreams People Have in Life...

The other day a friend of mine who wants to be a popstar-they got excepted into the School of Pop in Las Vegas,Nevada. Woohooo!!!-was a little discouraged because of what his parents and some of his friends said to him. They told him that they dont believe that he would make it as a popstar so why dont you just quit while you're ahead. That really set me off. Only because i am sick and tired of people critisizing someone's dreams in life. If someone feels that they have a calling or if they are good at something, then let them pursue it. Instead of putting someone down jsut because you dont thing they can make it. If they believe they can make it at whatever they want to pursue-hopefully wat they are pursuing is good-then they should do it. Especially if they have peace about it.

Also, to avoid that in some situations, ive learned to not share my dreams with everyone. Because when you do there is always some rude person who doesnt believe you can do it. In my Case they would say, "They gone send yo tail right on back to Jackson,MS" I dont think so homie. People should learn to support one another better so they can accomplish their dreams. Especially family because, family can be the worst when you share your dreams with them. they might support you in your face but behind closed doors they might be thinking that you should just quit. And im glad my momma and her sisters support me in my dreams.

So for this reason, me and my friends-the ones who want to support my friend-have decided to help him raise money to get a plane ticket and fly to Las Vegas. And its a good thing i have family that i can trust that way also.

So yea, if you want to pursue a dream you shouldnt let someones harsh put u down. You should keep your head up and work on your dream the best you can.

That is all i have to say...

I hope you guys who have read this are going to pursue your dreams. Thanks Peeps ^^