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Brother & Sister Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Don’t Go
I was happy and shocked at the same time. I think mom and dad were happy too. Erica finally got what she deserved. But after all this happened a nurse walked in and told us that we could see Kei. Everyone in the room was happy and scared to see Kei.
We walked down the hall and, it felt that the more we walked down the longer the hallway got. I felt my heart start to beat very hard that I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. I got to thinking what if Kei actually died what would I do what would what would I say to him. I just can’t help but wond---BONK!!.
“ Oh! That hurt.”
” Well watch were your going ya little shrimp.”
” Thank you all for coming he may take visitors now. Only one at a time. We don’t want anything to happen to him. “
Which actually means that the hospital doesn’t want to get sued.
“ The first one he wants to see is a woman named um Erica Silver.
” That would be me of course.”
“ Like he would want to give you anything.”
I laughed at Leslie comment because she was 100% right. But Erica just glares at Leslie and walks into the room. The door is closed right behind here. The one thing that kills me is that the room is sound proof. Which sucks cause how am I supposed to listen in on them. Not even a minute is passed and Erica is coming out of the room screaming.
“ I hate you Kei I’m so glad that your going to die cause no one wants to see your ugly face again. Have a nice freaking life.”
Then she storms off and starts mumbling things I can’t understand and probably don’t want to know what she is saying. Mom and dad are next. They are in there for 30 minutes. They come out with red eyes but I guess they were happy that they could see him one last time. Then Leslie goes next and she is there just a long as mom and dad were. She came out still crying and holding here tummy. I was about to go in when the nurse said.
” A girl named Elda is next. But Kei has asked that everyone goes into the waiting room and wait for her. He wants a privacy to talk to her.“
Then every one leaves. I really started to feel my heart beat outside my chest. My cheeks felt red and hot. The nurse opened the door and told me to go right on in. I was scared to go in, but I did. At that moment I felt the hot tears build up and then run down my very cold face. I really don’t want to see my brother on his death bed ,because I just to know that he was going to die. But the nurse was holding the door opened for me. So I held my breath and walked into the cold room were my brother is.
The room was lit but only by two large ceiling light’s, the window and the monitor’s that Kei was hooked up to. So the room was dark in some area’s. I walked over to were Kei was laying down at. I saw a chair on the left side of the bed so I went over there and sat next to him. His face was a greenish-blue color but that was because if the monitor’s glowing, but if you got past the that you saw that he looked pale. I’m not that he was pale all the time but he was paler then usual, as if all the blood left his face. He had about 20 wires coming out of him. The monitor on the opposite side of me was beeping every second . On the monitor it showed his breathing and his heart rate. I looked real close to the line on the heart. It was going up and down it was really low for a regular person but lower than Kei’s normal heart beat. I kept looking at the line and listening to the beat thinking that as long as it keeps beating Kei’s still alive. This made my heart slow down a little but not a lot.
“ Elda… Elda”
I jumped when I heard him call my name. I took my eyes off the monitor and onto Kei’s face. His big dark brown eyes staring at me full of joy and happiness. Seeing them like this made the tears come running back to my eyes. I closed my eyes at and just let the tears run down. I didn’t care that he saw me crying anymore. I just wished that he could get out of this and we can hang out again. Then I felt something cold but warm hit my face. I opened my eyes and saw that Kei had raised the bed so he can sit up and put his hand on my face.
” Hey El, why are you crying there is no need for that wussy kind of thing right now sis.”
” I don’t know why I’m crying” I say to him. “ They just stared falling on there own free will. “
“ Well it’s alright this time I guess. You want to know what I was thinking about since I’m been in here.”
” What” As I say this I take his hand off my face and put in my lap and held it really tight.
” I was thinking about the first time I saw you. Coming home from first grade and having the maid drive me to the hospital. Waiting in the waiting room then being let into the room to see you. I remember you look me straight in the eyes , knowing I was your brother then waving your hand at me. Then thinking about all the time we spent to together. I want to tell you that I’m happy that I’m your brother El. No one in the world makes me has happy has you do. You know I never lie to you.”
When were you going to tell me Kei!”
” After you took exams I didn’t want to stress you out so that you did bad on our test’s.”
“ So how did all of this happen?”
” Well when I went to the doctor in July. He said that my heart was about to give out on me and that it was to late to do anything to fix it. So he I should do everything I wanted to do before I died. Which he told me was in 6 months. So that night I told Leslie that I wanted to marry her. And in September we got married. I’m sorry I didn’t invite you it’s just that you know everyone would make a big thing. Then a month later we tried for a baby. I at least I wanted a child to be born to follow in m” Okay .Okay . No need to shout at me. I was going to tell you.”
” y footstep’s when I died. A month later she told me that we were going to have a baby. I was so happy. Then I knew that I wanted to spend more time with everyone before I left.”
” So that’s why you took me every where and did all those things with me?”
” Yes I wanted you to remember me in a good way. So that everyone had a wonderful memory of me. So you could tell my kid what a good father I was. “
I felt my self about to cry, but I tried to hold it in.
” El go to the closet and pull that envelope out of my pant pocket please.”
” Sure” I get up and walked over to the closet pulled his pant’s out and found the envelope. It felt kind of heavy. I brought it over to him. I was about to hand it over to him when he said.
” No, that’s for you El. It’s all the money you need for college , opening the company and hiring people. I been saving it up since I was born. It’s around 6-8 million dollars.”
I opened my eyes in shock.” I can’t take this ,this is your money you don’t have to give this to me. I can find a job. To pay for all the things I need.”
” No, I don’t need the money any more, so please take it. I want you to live your dream out. I want to look down from heaven and see you own this huge company. Alright?”
I nodded my head up and down in understanding what he said. “ Don’t worry bro I will make you proud.”
” Oh! And in my room is a box of things for everyone so give them to the right people okay. Take care of the family okay sis. Alright this is all your job now.”
” Alright I will.” I stared to cry, and when I looked a him he was crying to. So I put the evelope in my jacket pocket and gave him a big hug. I just wanted to remember his touch as I got older. “ I love you so much Kei. You’re the only true friend I ever had. I won’t ever forget you . Please come back and visit it me.”
“ I will. I’ll come as much as I can. I love you too. So much that I wish I didn’t have to die.”
We stayed like this for about five minutes then we slowly loosened the grip until one set of our hands are linked together.
” Well this is time for me to say goodbye El. I’ll be watching over you. So don’t do anything stupid.”
” I won’t,” then I laughed and he smiled.
“ Goodbye Elda. I love you.”
” Good bye Kei. I love you too.” Then he closed his eyes and didn’t open them. The monitor that was looking for his heart. The line that went up and down went straight and the beeping that went off every second was know going off like a signal. He was gone, called up into heaven. I lowered his hand on the bed. Got up and went outside to tell the nurse that the monitor had gone off and to call a doctor. She ran as fast as she could to tell him. While I walked slowly as I could back to the room to look at him one last time. ‘’ Good bye Kei. I will miss you.” Then I walked out the room closed the door, and walked down the hall on my why to the waiting room to tell my parents and Leslie want had happen to Kei.

Brother & Sister

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