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You'd kill yourself for recognition,
kill yourself to never, ever stop
you broke another mirror,
you're turning into something you are not


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I has rats :D

Its true! I am so freakin happy! well to start the gerbil, Lister, died two weeks ago he was almost three ...

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Well please look at my last post, if you would like to help me help the people of Haiti...more info on the last post and my Etsy Page...

Stole this from someone on Manga Bullet

Leave a comment and I will answer these to you:

a) Tell you why I befriended you
b) Associate you with something - a song, a color, a photo, a mental image, etc.
c) Tell you something I like about you
d) Tell you a memory I have of you
e) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
f) In return, you must post this in your journal


Well as far as life goes.....Lets see.........first I am getting two boy baby rats on monday!!!!!!!!*squee*!!!!
One of them is a Dumbo Rat who I am naming Richard and the other one is a Seal Point Siamese who I am naming Ryuk(yes after deathnote)
I get them on Monday! I cant wait!!! Many pictures will insue upon their arrival!

Second in life...Wensday I had this freakin freakin horrible stomach flu...well not that bad...thats a over statement...
it was bad...threw up only twice but didnt want to eat, drink, move, etc, etc...
Yesterday I was loads better...went out to eat with a couple of friends and then went to the stage production of Sweeney Todd!!!

OMG! that play was the best one I have ever seen!!!!! The set was the would have loved it! And the actors made it the best it could be! I <333333333 it!!!
And I have never seen the movie, so I knew what the base storyline was...but had no idea of the full range of it! it was great at the ending made me so sad though!

Well...anywho......just saying when you comment for either things(question/answer thing above and this) I will do that thing for you no matter what....that made no sense whatsoever.....XD

Cleaning my room now, bye all


Hey guys, I figured I would post this around here....I am trying to get some more orders so I can donate to the Red Cross Haiti Relief fund

I am running it til March 15th
and if I dont get ten or more I may extended it out more
thank you so much guys! If you do/dont order please tell everyone you know who would be is my shop



Well since below it says I am taking about I do 3 test commissions here? eh? would you like one?
If you do just note me with what character/reference image/and what media and style you want it in.

Slots OPEN:

Hey there guys!!!
I decided back in December I was gonna take commissions over on Manga Bullet.
If you would like to commission me go here---COMMISSIONS

Here is what I have to offer if you dont want to have to go there just to look at what I do.

Accepted subject matter: Your OC’s, fan characters, some animals, fairies, elves, dragons, fun things, and artistic nudes--meaning everything that would be covered by a swim suit must be covered by an arm/leg/hair/etc and nothing sexual

Unacceptable subject matter: Sexual images, some animals (contact me for listing), copies of another artists work or style

Drawing media: Traditional prints in either watercolor or colored pencil combined with marker
Digital images can be sent via e.mail or sent to you as a print

Drawing styles: prints can be drawn fully outlined in black or dark brown, outlined in a rough edged painted style, or left with no outline (see my gallery for examples) Digital images can be produced in basic CG (anime) style, basic painted style, or a style that combines both


And here are prices:
Chibi Sketch: $7
Sketch: $8
Chibi Lineart: $8
Lineart: $10
Chibi Coloured: $9
Coloured $20

Each extra character: +$1.50
Basic background: +$4
Detailed background: +$5
Do you want it inked?: +$2
Would you like it traditionally coloured?: +$10
Would you like it digitally coloured?: +$7
Would you like pencil shading?: +$2
Would you like it inked and pencil shaded?: +$5

Open slots:


Etsy Store

This is the announcment in my shop and new charms will be going up soon.

NOTICE: Until Valentines Day half of the money from any order you make will be donated to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development. Lets all help those who need it most.



Hey guys!
only a week left here on my Alice challenge
if you want to finish yours and please do I cant wait to choose winners
Alice Challenge