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You'd kill yourself for recognition,
kill yourself to never, ever stop
you broke another mirror,
you're turning into something you are not


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(Manga Bullet)

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Bored, bored, bored...omg! a pink pineapple!!!

Totally random title, but I stole this meme from yeah haha

-You must answer all the questions truthfully..
-Tag at least 6 people after you've done and inform them on their pages...

01. What was the first anime you ever watched?
Pokemon all the way! And the good one without all the new pokemon. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu all the way baby!

02. What anime influenced you to start drawing?
Well I had already been drawing(since I could hold a pencil) and Pokemon turned me Anime

03. One of your favourite members criticizes your artwork which you've spent hours on, you...
I would feel honored that they took the time, and I would thank them for their advice and would use it in the future

04. You judged an artwork based on what?
I love people who have their own style, or if I can see the time and effort put into it. It also depends on if it appeals to my eye, if it doesnt then I probably will not fav it or enjoy it as much as another piece.

05. Who's your favorite artist in TheOtaku?
AH! so hard! I have to say I <33333333 Vacuumology(Gemma) second place goes to Teapot Domescam
and third goes to Kachikamac

06. Who was the first member to talk to you?
Iruka Sensei!!! I love you Iruka-chan!

07. What do you feel when a new member criticizes your artwork?
I feel happy that they took the time, and that they want to help.

08. You don't get many hugs, fave’s or comments for a piece of artwork you put your heart in, you...
I get kinda upset...but know that everyone who watches me enjoys my art, and even if they dont I love it :D

09. You were hoping your favourite subscriber to leave a comment on your artwork, but they never did, you...
I get kind of upset, but it passes quickly and I comment on their newest artwork

10. Do you get nervous when you're about to leave a comment in an Otaku Legend/Senior Otaku or any other high ranker's artwork?
No, why should I?

11. Do you subscribe back to those who subscribe to you?
I used to do it to everyone...but I started to build up way to many people and stopped

12. Do you check the artworks of your subscribers?
If Im subbed to them then yes..but not often.

13. How many times did you visit 'New Member Introduction' site in a week?
once...maybe Im a bad otaku

14. Last Question, did you like this questionnaire? And why is that?
I did, I was bored haha

I choose anyone who reads this to do it! especially you! -points-

Art for a Subby?

Hey, just wondering...

Would anyone be willing to do a commission thing where I draw you something and you give me a subscription for either here or dA?
only rules would be

1. Drawing will match value of subscription
2. Request must be kept PG
3. I will do it digital.

Thank you loves~!

Crying Inside

My sunburn really really hurts!

We went hiking yesterday, I even wore lots of sunscreen, and a hat. But forgot/didnt bring a coverup to wear on top of sunscreen.
So now I am crispy, fired sunbunrt with a couple of blisters.....TT^TT
Someone please please please give me virtual hugs cause real ones hurt!!!
I have it all down my right art, the back of my neck, and a bit on my left shoulder......THIS EFFIN HURTS!!!!

Well as far as good life goes, I got another design submitted to Threadless for a coffee themed challenge that if you want to make a account and score it here is the link :D
Mexican Jumping Coffee Beans

I am also working on a request right now for King-Sama(the amazing person who did my banner) He/She won my Show Some Love challenge a while back.
So I am doing up the traditional colored prize for them. Its looking so good.
I think you will all love it when its up.
I am working on the background for it now

And this is totaly random but in my smoothie I just saw a butt XDDDD

Well...not much else is up, I will say I wont be on this weekend for my own reasons
but its a good reason, I'll be back Tuesday though

Well even though I do have the worst pain right now from my sunburn, the hike we went on was fun-ish.
It was 4+ miles...yes I did say 4+ miles...
We dont know how long it was exactly...We went with a group so it wasnt just me and my fam, We went around a huge hill and back down. The loop we went around looked like a lolipop XD
It was fun-ish like I said. We barely had enough water to make it, I am glad that I am fairly knowing when we take hikes and paced myself with water so I was only drinking when I absolutely needed to. We are now thinking about getting the Camelbaks for when we know we will be hiking more than 2 miles.
Oh! and on the subject of my sunburn, I went to take the trash out earlier, and the sun touching it hurt!!! It hurt so bad...the only thing that feels good is not moving too much, cool air, and cool water...the only thing I can put on it though is the blue aloe gel we have thats meant for sunburn...It relieves it for a bit...but Im still miserable.

meh......meh meh......MEEEEEHHHHH!!!
totally kinda bored...listening to music....well...


Even the man in the moon dissapeared

What you guys think about my new theme?
I must congratulate King-Sama on fulfilling my request for a Alice in Wonderland theme banner/picture. Its so much more than I was expecting and I LOVE IT!!!

Well anywho...whats up?
Nothing much here.
Entered a couple of contests on Threadless. If you want I can give the links so you can see my designs.

Random fact of the day: Zero-chan! <3 Werther's Original Candies!
Random Question: What is your favorite candy?

Stolen from Estheryuki

ONE question.
ONE chance.
ONE honest answer

That's all you get.
Respond even if you're not tagged
You get to ask me ONE question.
Write it to my inbox or comment on this post.
Any question and I have to promise to answer them truthfully.

No catch.
But I dare you to re-post this and see what people ask you...
Bet you won't do it.

I tag anybody who reads this.