Art by King-Sama

You'd kill yourself for recognition,
kill yourself to never, ever stop
you broke another mirror,
you're turning into something you are not


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(Manga Bullet)

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My second NYAF entry
let me know what you think in the comment box on the actual drawing

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Hey guys! I would love to see some feedback and stuff over on my NYAF entry.
I know I havent been very active...but I feel very lonely.
I would normally have like 5 comments from last night to answer...but I have zero

Please comment and fav and hug please!!!
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I love you guys!!!!!!
its not so much that I am not active...I just havent commented in forever!!!
and I dont have much to post

good and bad

Sorry I was gone so long without any warning!!!!
I forgot to say that I was going on Vacation for a week to Arizona and New Mexico

I had loads of fun! took some pics of flowers that turned out amazing!
and had loads of fun....problem...I was in my walking cast the whole time

and thats where the bad news comes in...

I broke my effin foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I broke the Talus bone, the main support bone in your ankle that your two main leg bones connect to....I dont know how I broke it...the day its started hurting all I did was sit at my comp, sit and watch TV, and I did the dishwasher...I noticed it when I was doing the dishwasher.
I dont know how I did it!! its effin annoying.
I have a appoinment on Wensday for the Orthopedic Surgeon!!!!!!
I dont know if I'll have to have surgery on it or not yet...the doc will tell me that. But the way it hurts I have this odd feeling in the back of my mind that surgery is probably gonna happen....but Im trying not to think about that
it scares me to peices to even think about it.
And its not so much the surgery itself...its the drugs they use to put you into sleep/under while they do the surgery and the recovery that scare me.

I dont know...we'll see

O.o who else went
and then remembered that it was April Fools day?

Fill this out :]

1)I like when you draw _______________________.
2)I wish you drew more _______________________.
3)I wish you drew more fanart of these series/characters:
4)I wish you did more original art of these characters:
5)I love how you draw ________________________.
6)If you were to do a comic of/about I would be soooo happy!:
7)If I could get you to draw anything I'd get you to draw ___________________.
8)My favorite part of your work is __________________________.

9)I hate when you draw _________________.
10)I wish you drew less ___________________.
11)Stop drawing ________________!

13)When I think of your art I think ______________________.
14)If I had to describe your work I'd say ______________________.

If you could fill it out that would be great. Would love to see your answers.