Ok, so this is the new and better edited version with typos and stuff fixed!


Alice looked into the vast garden. The rose bushes and ivy covered the picket fence with their overgrown stems, barely allowing the gate to open and close. At the far end of the garden stood a house, also overgrown with roses and ivy, which looked like a old Victorian mansion, squashed down to form the crooked house.

Alice listened to her shoes crunch the rock pathway winding its way towards the house. She stopped to look at herself in the little pond that rested beside the pathway. Her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders, bangs pulled to the side by a black bow. She wore a strapless, blue, knee-length dress with a half apron tied around her waist in a large bow at her back. Her black and white, striped tights ended in black Mary Jane shoes, and she wore black wrist warmers.

Pulling herself away, Alice went on to view a long table with a multitude of mismatched chairs around it. As she drew closer, she saw clouds of steam rising up from the many teapots that rested on the table.

“Curiouser and curiouser,” Alice whispered.

She gasped, when she saw the tall male figure through the fog of steam. As the hatter emerged, she was breathtaken by his appearance. Upon his head sat a short, black, velvet top hat, with a piece of paper that read ‘Size 10/6’ on it sticking from the blood-red satin band. He wore a slightly tattered Victorian suit, the ends of his sleeves and jacket ending with ruffled cuffs. A white shirt topped with a blood-red kerchief around his neck, and black shoes beneath his pants ended his outfit.
What captured Alice the most was his face. She looked up slowly, first taking in his sculpted jaw line and full dark lips. She looked farther up, and from his hat poured black hair, almost covering his eyes, which were his most captivating feature. They were a bright green color, with dark circles surrounding them. Alice guessed him to be roughly two years her senior, maybe nineteen or twenty?

‘I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you, Alice” it shocked her to hear him say her name.

“And you are?” came her shaky reply.

“Here I am called The Mad Hatter, but my real name is…”

He never got a chance to say it, as the sound of “I’m late, I’m late, so very, very late!” came from the gate as The White Rabbit, his pocket watch out, burst in. Alice noticed he was wearing a burgundy vest, with a dark overcoat, and round glasses.

“I’m so very late!” He pushed Alice aside. She almost fell, but Hatter caught her.

“Please, I can show you a faster way.” Hatter spoke over Rabbit.

The Rabbit paused. “But I must be off! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”

“And as I said before, I can show you a faster way.” Hatter’s voice rang with annoyance.

The Rabbit stared at Hatter: His beady eyes flickered. “Show me the way.” His voice came out hurried.

Hatter nodded. “Alice, help yourself to tea and biscuits whilst I show Rabbit the way.”

She nodded, noticing the slight, dark humor in his voice. Yet Alice barely had time to think before Hatter had gone around the house with Rabbit. Alice looked at the table, she couldn’t see the other end through the fog of steam, “No harm in doing what he said, right?” and shrugged.

Alice sat down in a large red velvet, wing back chair. Feeling a bump under her, she pulled out two stuffed animals. One was a brown, crazy eyed rabbit, and the other was a door mouse.

“That’s curious…” Alice said to no one but the plush. She set the rabbit and the mouse together on the wooden chair next to her, and helped herself to some milk tea and a biscuit that read ‘Eat Me’. As she tucked into her tea, she heard a disgruntled cry. Gasping, she looked up towards the house. She sat there a minute, seeing nor hearing nothing more she shrugged it off and went back to her tea.