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Eternity Clock What?

This is relevant to several of you people's interests:


Movie Sign #155 - Hamlet

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What is Movie Sign?
A weekly Chat event that occurs every Sunday night wherein we watch an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K for short) while joking and spamming up the Chat box. We make episodes available by whatever means so we can all watch simultaneously.

What's MST3K?
Ever watched a movie and made your own commentary to it? That's what this show is all about. MST3K is a comedy show from the '90s in which a guy and two robots are forced to watch terrible movies because a mad scientist wants to take over the world. To keep their sanity, they talk back and riff on the movies. A more detailed explanation can be found up at the SoL.

Next Episode
It's Hamlet. Really. You want a summary? Well, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, returns home to find his father murdered and his mother remarrying the murderer, his uncle.

Whether a seasoned vet or new meat, we invite you all to come on down! Movie starts at 8pm EST/5pm PST, room opens at the :30 beforehand.

The password for the room is german. Get the whole thing, streaming, here.

January wraps up (finally) with...
1/29 - Episode 306 - Ring of Terror

TheO Podcast and the Future

As everyone knows by now, theOtaku Podcast will finally be rested. Its something Ichigo and I have discussed for some time, and with Ichigo's first kid on the way soon, recording of Anime Pulse becomes the priority of course.

But while we won't be making an official podcast for theOtaku anymore, we don't want to leave the fans here hanging, so our plan is to cross-post Anime Pulse. Whether it continues to be a front page thing, or just posts here on the Watercooler is up to Adam, but we'll bring it to you one way or another.

I've also seen discussion on Kei's world about creating a new Otaku-related podcast run by some of you guys out there, so I definitely encourage you all to do something with this. We'd love to hear it.

So I encourage everyone who's been listening to our show to keep listening to us in Anime Pulse, and give your love also to the efforts of others here.



Teens React to My Little Pony

Please remember that the opinions expressed in this video do not reflect those of the poster's. Thank you and enjoy.

Y-You're Joining Me For Dinner... Th-that's not a request, baka!!!

So a thought occurred to me while watching Beauty and the Beast in 3D the other day: Beast is absolutely, positively tsundere.

Spent the rest of the movie thinking that, and I'm pretty sure it made the movie at least 20% funnier after considering that. And well, I sure as heck wasn't the first person to realize this, too! Take a read:


The essay made day. Also:

"D-don't misunderstand, I'm not giving you this library because I like you! I just don't want the books to go to waste!"