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Is Doctor Who a Religion?

An interesting, humorous and somewhat thought-provoking video from PBS's Idea Channel that asks the question: is Doctor Who actually a religion?

*chants* Wibbly wobbly timey wimey...

Let's Sing-Along

With few hours left before the time is up, let's bomb the comments further to accomplish our comment slam challenge. And to do that, let's have a sing-along with one of the phenomenal songs of 2012. But since Gangnam Style is in Korean, let's have something in English. So here goes...


Otaku Pick-up Lines

In an effort to boost the comments in the site for the ongoing comment slam, let's have a little activity here in The Watercooler.

Try to think of a pick-up line between a boy and a girl that is related to anime, manga, gaming, or any other aspect of otaku culture. Here are some examples that I made:

Are you Pikachu? Because I choose you!

Are you a Super Saiyan? Because your level is OVER 9000!

Are you a plushie doll? I wanna hug you all day long.

Are you a Death Note? I want my name to be inscribed in you.

Are you Adam? Because you are the Bossman of my life. (Okay, that went a little too far. )

Now it's your turn to make your own pick-up lines. It doesn't matter if it's lame or corny. And don't copy from another person's work; you have to be original. After all, this is all intended for fun only.

Be sure to post your pick-up lines in the comments section. Have fun!

TheO Story

I am running late on getting this post up. There is one week left to join us in writing the 2013 TheO Story. I am taking writers up till the 7th of December. There are plenty of spots open for you, the writer, if you would like to join us. If you don’t know what TheO Story is, stop by here…

Low Down on TheO Story

and here…


Once you read over them and if you are interested or just have a question. Drop me a PM or even a comment here. I will answer your question(s) A.S.A.P.

Thanks and I hope to see a few new writers joining us this year.


Tiger and Bunny Movie Trailer

I thought this was going to be sometime during the end of 2011... I have been waiting for something about this series.

It looks like the movie is a compilation of the entire series, with a few new bits and pieces added in.

It's interesting, and I want to see it, simply because I think the T&B world is awesome.

I wish there were subtitles for this one...

Here's another one, with Kotetsu as the main focus. [link]