What is the Watercooler?

It's a haven in the middle of a harsh, 9-to-5 world. A place where you can gather with your fellow human beings and bond over a paper cup full of cool refreshment.

All sorts of randomness is welcome here. Post pictures, videos, special Chat information, or just discuss news and current events.

Want to be a guest poster? PM TimeChaser.

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Shameless Plug

If you're not already a listener of Anime Pulse, you should check out our show. With the advent of Worlds, I will now be cross-posting Anime Pulse and Manga Pulse shows on The Anime Pulse World. So go check it out, and then check out our site too!


The lack of news in the new theOtaku.com site

Hey everyone gathered around the watercooler. It seems to me like theOtaku.com is missing something really essential to the continuation of our podcast. What's that you ask? Well I'll tell you, it's news. We're supposed to talk about the news and comments about the news. But will there be a world of news? Will we need to look through promoted world posts? Fan words? I'm so confused.

We're recording our show on Friday this week, so you have two days. Please post links to news stories you would like us to talk about in the comments of this post.



More Guest Posters & Nehszriah's Idea

Additional Guest Posters added:

I appreciate the color scheme ideas and those who told me to go ahead and pick one on my own, but before I start fiddling about, Nehszriah came to me with an idea: what if we held a contest for a background design? What do you all think about that? Would anyone like to rise to the challenge of creating an offical background design for the Watercooler, something we can call our own?

Rather than a contest, anyone who wants to can come up with and submit a design. Then we can just cycle through them, that way everyone will have a chance to have their background displayed.

There won't be any due date, you can work on them as long as you like until you are happy with the results, and you are free to send in more than one design.

Credit for each background will be given in the introduction, like "Current Background by ...."


Guest Posters Have Been Added!

OK, I have added these people as Guest Posteres here on the Watercooler:
Sangome Wilder
Ryosuke Forever

If I've forgotten someone who wanted to join, I apologize. Just let me know and I will add you to the list.

Since the next episode of the Podcast will be out tomorrow, I suppose the easiest thing to do is wait and kick off the insanity with our usual spamming. But, if anyone wants to post anything in the meantime, they are free to do so. It'll take a bit of time to figure out the best way to handle this new system.

Meanwhile, I have a subject for debate: should we keep the standard color scheme, or change it? And if we want to change it, what background and text colors would people prefer?


Introductory Post

It's finally a reality. After talking about it and planning it for the last couple of months, The Watercooler is finally here!

For those who don't know what this page is all about: the Watercooler was dreamed up during the crazy spamming that has gone on in the Podcast comments. Technically, all the spamming is against site rules. But those of us loyal listeners and commentors enjoy the wild conversations that get started, the varied directions they go in and topics they cover. We wanted to be able to keep doing that, to come together regularly as a group and just keep having fun.

Enter the Watercooler. This is just a place for us, and anyone else who wants to join, to hang out and yak away about everything and anything.

I'm going to spend time tonight and tomorrow adding the people who have already agreed to join. When I've added each member, I'll send you a PM on MyOtaku.

Let's hope this experiment becomes a great succcess.

ADDITION: From the looks of things right now, to make it easier on everyone, whenever you post here, sign your name at the end. That way we'll all know who's posting, since avatars and member info only appear to show up in comments.