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TheO Story

I am running late on getting this post up. There is one week left to join us in writing the 2013 TheO Story. I am taking writers up till the 7th of December. There are plenty of spots open for you, the writer, if you would like to join us. If you don’t know what TheO Story is, stop by here…

Low Down on TheO Story

and here…


Once you read over them and if you are interested or just have a question. Drop me a PM or even a comment here. I will answer your question(s) A.S.A.P.

Thanks and I hope to see a few new writers joining us this year.


Tiger and Bunny Movie Trailer

I thought this was going to be sometime during the end of 2011... I have been waiting for something about this series.

It looks like the movie is a compilation of the entire series, with a few new bits and pieces added in.

It's interesting, and I want to see it, simply because I think the T&B world is awesome.

I wish there were subtitles for this one...

Here's another one, with Kotetsu as the main focus. [link]

Happy Canada Day

I do this every year, so it isn't much of a surprise.

Movie Sign #176 - Diabolik

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What is Movie Sign?
The longest running Chat event.We sit, we watch MST3K, we have a good time.

What's MST3K?
A show about a dude, some robots, and really terrible movies. We've got a guide. Boom.

Next Episode
In psychedelic swinging 60s style, the dreaded thief Diabolik wreaks havoc on a generic European country for his own financial gain and amusement. He shares an extravagant underground lair (and a giant bed of money) with his curvaceous, superficial girlfriend, who uses her awesome powers of wig-wearing to help Diabolik kill innocent people and steal billions from the government.

It's the last one, too. Feel like coming? We'll still treat you like family...or something like family. Movie intended to start at 8pm EST/5pm PST, room opens at the :30 beforehand.

The password for the room is finale. And we've got a lovely stream too, found here.

And that's all folks.

MS finale bumped to next week

We've got several conflicts with people tonight, and we want to try and make as many people as we can happy, so Movie Sign's finale has been pushed to next Sunday. No hard feelings.