What is the Watercooler?

It's a haven in the middle of a harsh, 9-to-5 world. A place where you can gather with your fellow human beings and bond over a paper cup full of cool refreshment.

All sorts of randomness is welcome here. Post pictures, videos, special Chat information, or just discuss news and current events.

Want to be a guest poster? PM TimeChaser.

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Otaku Pick-up Lines

In an effort to boost the comments in the site for the ongoing comment slam, let's have a little activity here in The Watercooler.

Try to think of a pick-up line between a boy and a girl that is related to anime, manga, gaming, or any other aspect of otaku culture. Here are some examples that I made:

Are you Pikachu? Because I choose you!

Are you a Super Saiyan? Because your level is OVER 9000!

Are you a plushie doll? I wanna hug you all day long.

Are you a Death Note? I want my name to be inscribed in you.

Are you Adam? Because you are the Bossman of my life. (Okay, that went a little too far. )

Now it's your turn to make your own pick-up lines. It doesn't matter if it's lame or corny. And don't copy from another person's work; you have to be original. After all, this is all intended for fun only.

Be sure to post your pick-up lines in the comments section. Have fun!

Who is The Otaku of the Year?

Since 2008 will end in a few days, I think it's about time we decide who is The Otaku of the Year here in theOtaku. Who do you think should it be?

- Should it be Adam, for launching Version Vibrant and the ever-controversial theOtaku chat?
- Should it be TimeChaser, for finally giving otaku randomness a new home in The Watercooler?
- Should it be Sangome, for providing humor in the site through the Chatlogs and the Memes?
- Should it be Shahllen, for being the "whistleblower" on the age problem in theOtaku?
- Should it be SomeGuy, for holding the successful Halloween Writer's Jam and for founding the Writer's Bloc?
- Should it be Ichigo, Batou, & the podcast team, for entertaining otakus even though one of them got kidnapped by the Koreans(?) ?
- Should it be Shinmaru, for winning the Writer's Jam and for being a source of bad luck ("It's all Shin's fault)?
- Should it be the Bootleg News Reporter team, for delivering the otaku news at a time when otakus need it most?
- Should it be DeidaraNarutoClan, for creating Teh Biju Club, which surprised many by becoming the site's No. 1 World?
- Should it be someone else, for a reason I don't know but you possibly do?

Write your pick in the Comments section with your reason. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm of December 29, 2008 (Monday), theOtaku time.

Beep, Beep!

How's this for a cool ride?

Now, I gotta wonder, is there an Otaku custom-made vehicle that you would never be caught dead seen in?