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PokeMon Go Memes

Anyone alive here anymore? *crickets*

Anyway, share your favorite PokeMon Go memes in the comments below!

A Poem To Share . . .

I reckon this will be relevant to interests here. Ganked from this blog:

Charmanders are red. Squirtles are blue. If you were a pokemon, I’d choose you. Your smile is stronger than a hyperbeam. Like Jessie and James, we’d make the perfect Team Rocket. I’ll stay by your side like Pikachu and Ash, and I’ll love you more than a level 80 Rapidash. You’re more legendary than a Zapdos, Entei or Mew. But out of all the 150, I choose you <3.

Ahh, Pokemon . . .

Pokemon Gaming Family Tree

Check this out to see the Pokemon game relations in all their children poisoning glory. It's a really quite cool diagram depicting the descendants and remakes of every Pokemon game released (in North America?).

Also, thanks to this, I now know that Pokemon Puzzle League has a descendant on the DS. This knowledge could be detrimental to my health. Anyone else still see the coloured blocks from Puzzle League when they close their eyes?