WELCOME WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE WEAPON FANATICS SHOWROOM!! here i will be posting pics and wicked new "toys" i that i get every now and then. before yu ask yes i am a collector of blades in the making, yes it is getting to be a hobby, yes they are for show (and hopefully it wont resort to use) and yes i am very much so addicted to sharp things :P. idk why so dont ask why lol but i just am. that and martial arts. but anywho i dont want to be the only one showing off thier love for weapons!! so if yu have a pic of a weapon or something yu would like to post just leave a comment or pm me at any time and ill ad ya to the list! let us make this weapon (expo-ish) the best one there is shall we?! ^^

tired...so very tired.

food for thought today: the thing that dissapoints me the most and makes me give up hope in humans as a species, is the fact that we struggle to put aside petty shit. and we always use the excuse " well we are only human" as a way of avoiding trying to actually solve the issue. no one truely knows what humans were put here for. but at the pace its going it seems we are good for nothing more than greed and destruction. destruction of ourselves, this planet, and prety much anything else we get our fingers on. imagine how far along we would be if we could just put aside our greed and hate? channel our destructive tendancies into something more productive? tried caring for the people we are supposed to be protecting instead of bullshitting everyone with lame ass excuses and rules that are self defeating? want hover cars? we already have the tech to do it. we are more than capable of doing it. ever since we built the first plane we have had the capability to do it and the odds of success only grows as we get further along in tech and researches. we can build a rocket to launch a sattelite into space which mind you weighs literally several tons MORE than your average car. the thought that we can do this and yet not make anything thats actually effecient is pure grade horse shit. if all the countries were united as one we wouldnt have wars. cuz who would want to attack their own house simply to get at a roomate?? no one. we are deviding ourselves further and further apart. lets face it we dont ahve any REAL reasont to start wars and fight. the only reasons we have is because of "terorists" which is 50% bullshit anyways cuz odds are we started shit with them first too. i mean think about it. what real reason would they have to attack if they werent provoked? no one cares to answer this because they dont want to be thought of as in the wrong. now mind you while i do support those fighting for us i DONT support the stupid reasons they are sent out to fight and die for. most of which could be easily resolved but no one would give it a chance because of thier selfish greed. that in mind we should already have "futuristic" things such as hover cars just to start it off. we should already have the best possable fuel effecient cars. hell if we wanted to we could have taxi cabs that drive themselves with GPS guidance. we could have medications that dont have the downside of causing heartpain, migraines, vomiting, internal bleeding, blindness, fatigue, and many more. it doesnt HAVE to be this way people.. it really doesnt. but the fact that it is and that it most likely will always be is due to nothing short of the fact that humans are greedy and destructive and care more about the profit of green pieces of paper than we do about each others lives, lives that no amount of money in the world can replace. but too many of us try and show otherwise anyways. the bizzare weathers as most scientists would have said already is nothing short of our own fault. we dont have a weather machine persay but we have greater influence on the weather than we care to think. from the biggest radioactive power plant to the smallest single plastic bottle we didnt bother to throw into the recycle bin. am i free of guilt? fuck no. im just as guilty as the next person. but atleast im willing to come out and admit that ive done wrong. and even though i want to do my part to help one person in every ten people cannot make a difference. not a big enough one to truely change things. if we want to live longer happier lives then what we must do is come together. not as a nation. not as a race. not as a generation. but as a species. as humans we must have the cooperation of every single person to do this part. USA, Russia, ALL the countries. we must stop fighting and killing each other when its not needed. pool our resources, combine our efforts. and i promise you we as a species will find that we could be so much more. easily 3x better than we are now. who knows, we may even move beyond the point of finding a point for money. work at an electric company? let me ask you if you didnt get paid to do your job because all your bills and food were provided to you through a system not too much unlike a foodbank so you wouldnt have to worry about starving. would you still work there? if you said no why not? extra work you dont want to do? not benifitting from it? okay well hows this, that power that you are working on providing for others saves countless lives and helps to power many important tools such as life support for hospitals and helps to keep the food you eat fresher longer and helps to cook the raw food, lights up the night so that way we arent fumbling around in the dark. meaning since you dotn want to do it for others anymore this means that those one the receiving end would go without power. congrates you effectively killed about (guessing here) 5 blocks worth of families who needed that. i hope it was worth it. my point here being that if we freely do for each other, we wont need money. we dont need it. its a sick addiction that has corrupted us. but me alone throwing it away wont change a thing. it takes all of us together to do so.

friends, family, aquiantances, co workers, net buddies, people i hadnt even met yet. we have to learn to get along and become a species that symbolizes kindness. that symbolizes peace and prosperity. im tired of the wars, im tired of the endless and pointless fighting that only ends in killing someones husband or wife, someones father or mother, someones child. for what?? is tearing apart families really worth an extra bit of land we are only going to destroy later? or an extra bit of cash that we are going to cram away and never use in our lifetimes? we ask the questions but we already have the solutions. its literally right at our fingertips. take down our current system and rebuild it from scratch. system meaning politics. because every other major problem ANY country ever has usually stems from thier politicians. one way or another. deconstruct this system of endless greed and rebuild it into a beacon of hope. we have been at war with ourselves for well over two THOUSAND years. TWO,THOUSAND,YEARS. how much longer are we going to keep fighting each other before someone says thats enough? we couldve achieved peace, TRUE PEACE, decades ago. and to this day we still choose not to. if anyone were to ask. this is why i dont have any faith or hope in humans. because despite several hundreds of people screaming out for this to stop we continue anyways like its a regular thing. like we NEED it. in fact im willing to bet that out of all the people who see this only half of you are going to bother reading all of it because its "too much to read" and "cant be bothered". the other half that does read it probably wont even say anything or jsut click "like" and move on down through facebook scrolling making this a complete waste of time. to the few of you that would openly comment and share ( if the share is possable on a status i cant remember if it is or not) thank you. thank you for hearing me out. and even if you dont change your daily routines of blah blah blah atleast you know when earth starts falling apart, you know one of the guys who told you why. as i said im not free of guilt either. but i do try where it counts to do my part, however i am literally only one person. no matter how hard i try i am not malcom X, im not MLK, i alone cannot change the world. it will take all of us together in order to pull through. the creatures some would call "mindless animals" that some people poach for stupid selfish reason are more capable of achieving this kind of peace with each other. why should we be the ONLY species who cant seem to get along with anyone??


well... whoever didnt wish me luck i blame you >.> lol but seriously.. this stays between us....

my first bow

MY FIRST COMPOUND BOW!! and its left handed! XDD ah well ill learn it with practice~ wish me luck!

my carnivor

seradded edge, wire cutter,chisel edge, shovel edge, and titanium bonded with a good weight to it. this thing is going camping with me.

airsoft rifle

batt power semi and full auto