WELCOME WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE WEAPON FANATICS SHOWROOM!! here i will be posting pics and wicked new "toys" i that i get every now and then. before yu ask yes i am a collector of blades in the making, yes it is getting to be a hobby, yes they are for show (and hopefully it wont resort to use) and yes i am very much so addicted to sharp things :P. idk why so dont ask why lol but i just am. that and martial arts. but anywho i dont want to be the only one showing off thier love for weapons!! so if yu have a pic of a weapon or something yu would like to post just leave a comment or pm me at any time and ill ad ya to the list! let us make this weapon (expo-ish) the best one there is shall we?! ^^

ryuu-teiru (dragons tail)

as it implies this blade is mimicing a dragons tail. though i think the scales are supposed to be on top but ah well i like it anyways. at the base of the hilt is the dragons head. on the handle is the wings and below that are the claws. really well put together i must say.

rainbow shuriken

heres the rainbow shuriken. the edges are razor sharp and thats why i picked it

that and the tyedye colors are sooooo kobahippy friendly~~ (laughs at the contradiction)


this has been named tasubi the older brother of tantou. thx again kirakup~~! (dedicates this one to kira)

black ronin shuriken

i dont think you can see it but in the middle in chinese (i think) it says "black ronin"

the sleeves

these are kevlar sleeves with a red pic of a mustang on the elbow. fire resistant and very nice fit as well these sleeves will come in handy when i dont want to burn myself at work >.>