Hi everyone! I'm Hime :D *you should already know that from the main world* If you don't know already, I'm a very good RPer *SHOT*...fine. I'm an AWESOME RPer *SHOT THREE TIMES*. OUCH. -_-; What I mean is I know certain things and/ or "quirks" that go with RPing (cannon characters) and certain criteria that I know certain RPs look for. I'll fill this world with tips and maybe I'll share my experience playing certain characters!

I'm always open to other experienced actors/actresses sharing their opinions, so just ask and I'll decide whether or not to add you! <3

Besides that, I'm also going to review a few anime/manga (i.e., you may see sometimes that I leave a note that says "The manga is better than the anime" and vice versa concerning certain series that I've read). Keep in mind that they are simply my opinions, even though I am a pretty HARSH good critic, according to my friends.

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How to Play Jiraiya (Naruto)
How to Play Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)
How to Play Sakura Haruno(Naruto)/Time Skip Characters in general

Want to share your opinion and give your own tips? Tell me and I'll add you! Want certain tips on a certain character? ASK ME! I'll try my best to give you tips from my own experience or ask someone who DOES have experience with that character!

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How to Play: Veneziano Italy and other Hetalia Characters

SO! You have decided to venture into the fantastic world of RPing a Hetalia character, cannon or OC. CONGRATS! ...

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On different universes!

Let's be frank; there are certain series' that have different universes within them- or even take place in several at a time (i.e. Puella Magical Madoka Magi, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, etc.). You and your amazing self can probably play all of them because of how obsessed dedicated you are to your series.

Please don't attempt to play them all at the same time.

You're going to give yourself and everyone you interact with a headache. There may even be times where people may not want to interact with you because you play all four different versions of this character.

Not cool.

I personally think two is the limit- and in separate places, to boot (i.e., For Tumblr, two separate blogs, for theO, two separate accounts, and so on). It's easier on you and everyone your character talks with. Besides, then headcanons (your interpretations of certain character's actions and quirks you can "See" him or her having) are more specific and easier to work with.

Want an example?

A certain OC of mine exists on three very different timelines, and two or three different universes. In the original (beginning), he is slightly insane- though mostly "empty". Killing means nothing. Living means nothing. The only end for his character is his goal- to gain what he has lost, which is a large portion of his soul, no matter the cost or amount of life lost.

Near the end of the canon timeline, this character achieves his goal...and slowly begins to feel a lot of things- especially remorse. That being said, his character traits from before- including "empty"- change. This character will, for a certain amount of time, feel too much because he's being overloaded with things he hasn't come to peace with yet- mostly because he didn't know they were wrong. Doubts about the pre-conceived image of himself will most definitely emerge. In the end, he may be completely different- or at least, he thinks so.

This is only one timeline. There are already two bits of it and we aren't even though half of his "Canon" life. There are tons of AUs (that I consider perfectly valid, as this character's creator); some end with him falling short of his "happy ending", possibly marrying someone other than his (current and only) wife, and one where he begs to be killed by a woman he once loved (and gets his wish).

It would be impossible to play all of these alternate versions at once. Each have different goals, and though they are fundamentally the same character (and always will be) they are distinctly different. If you want to do justice to these alterations of your character, allow enough time and effort to flesh them out nicely, and therefore do justice to your character. It's that simple and easy. (I've touched on this with the Sakura Haruno post a bit.)

Of course, you as an RPer can do whatever the hell you want. No one's going to stop you...but I'm not saying it will be easy to go about it either.



We all know about the "S" word.

No, not sleeping.

I'm also not talking about the word with an "s" in front of "hit".



As otaku, we know this word relatively well; in some places this word is feared, but don't be afraid, little RPer~!


When it comes to you and your character, I'm sure you'll be tempted to act out your personal "OTPs" (one true pairings). That's absolutely fine! However, it's a good idea to be fair to everyone when it comes to pairings. I'm not telling you to "act out" pairings in ships that you don't support your character being in (for example, I don't "ship" NaruSasu/SasuNaru so I don't like the idea of either of them being in that pairing and therefore will not RP it). But...

I AM telling you to keep the sexuality of your canon character!

If their sexuality is not stated, you may "pick" for them, according to how you interpret them, but if the author states a character's sexuality, or gives examples of them being otherwise and you're giving them a different preference....


This is a pet peeve of mine; you are encouraged to interpret a character any way you wish, but changing their sexuality for your own person needs is wrong! I'm sure that many people don't think this; however, CANON means "how they appear in the series". Things that are "set in stone". If you are playing an AU (alternate universe) version of your character, you can very well change your character's sexuality, but otherwise, you can't properly call yourself canon. How would you like it if someone tried to change YOUR sexuality?

If there is someone you would like to "exclusively" ship with, go right ahead. This is your choice. If you decide to avoid shipping altogether (maybe it isn't in character) then you can ignore it and never have to deal with it.



How to play Sakura Haruno (Time Skip Characters)

Note: This is simply how I played/play this character. These are my opinions, not absolute fact.

Everyone knows the whiny little konoichi Sakura. She got on our nerves in series one of NARUTO and became the biggest cliche EVER. NO ONE WANTS TO BE A SAKURA.

But what about in Naruto Shippuden, the second series?

Shippuden Sakura is probably one of the toughest konoichi in the series at the moment. She has refined her ninjutsu and become a medical nin- an impressive one at that- and also used her chakra control to her advantage by improving on her strength and/or physical attacks. Though she's still behind Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, her two comrades and friends, she is, in her own way, making up for lost time.

I'm going to be frank here. You can't play Sakura because you think she's easy to play. You can't hate her if you want to play her. No. I take it back. You can play her AND hate her, but you have to understand her to play her properly. Sakura is another complicated role- most in anime are- and her character has more depth than most people think.

When playing a character like Sakura, the RPer must remember and be specific; there are three Sakuras; before Sasuke left, after Sasuke left, and when Naruto returns to Konoha. All three of them have the same "base" personality; Sakura is still perky, somewhat boy crazy, and also a bit spirited, but they all have variations.

For example....

The first Sakura we see- the most "annoying" in many opinions- has an Inner Sakura. Inner Sakura expresses all the outer, more polite and somewhat reserved Sakura has to say. However, when this Sakura is around Naruto...Inner Sakura comes to the surface.... Utilize Inner Sakura in any way you can if you play this Sakura. "Cha"! or "Shanaroo!" is also a common Inner Sakura phrase. Use it to your heart's content- but don't OVER DO IT....or else, you lose all effect.

The second Sakura- the very teary, I-need-to-get-stronger Sakura- surfaces when Sasuke leaves the village and after Naruto is nearly killed in Sasuke and Naruto's confrontation. She is seen in filler; though filler isn't always relevant, it can be, and as an RPer, you may use it to your advantage. This Sakura is less squeamish and a bit more courageous because she wants to change- and she is also a medical ninja in training. If you want, you can complain about how Lady Tsunade trains you. (Which is very entertaining)

The third and most recent Sakura is 15-16 year old Shippuden Sakura. If you compare this Sakura to the first, there is a vast change. This Sakura can hold her ground in combat and is also (in some ways) a qualified doctor, AKA medical nin. She is more confident and also not as naive as she previously was; she is more mature (even though often she loses her cool around Naruto when he acts like an idiot) and though she may seem less fun to play at times, she still has her Inner Sakura, though she wears her on the outside. So at random moments, she can "snap" and that...can definitely be entertaining.

"Time skips" are often troublesome when RPing. You must be specific. If you are playing the first or second Sakura and someone (an OC, most likely, or even another RPer) asks what it's like to fight in a shinobi war, YOU ARE TO ACT LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN. You are part of the past.


Things to remember about Sakura:
-Her birthday
-Her favorite food
-Her hobbies
-How she interacts with Ino and/or konoichi in NARUTO
-Which Sakura you are
-In your own eyes, you would not be annoying
-Sakura tries very hard to help the people around her, though it may not seem like it


Did I REALLY just say that?

Everyone makes mistakes, but as an RPer, you must know that your mistakes may be more noticeable than most. Certain other RPers may look up to you. If you play a male cannon, you may have fangirls who are watching.

Creepy, huh?

Still, you can't upset them! You have to show them what you're made of! Show them your Super Saiyan power!



Of course, when you DO show your stuff- especially when you "speak"- be careful of what you say. I'm not just saying to be careful not to slip out of character in front of other people (without proper parentheses or something). I'm saying that if you stay in character for TOO long, you may say certain things that the character would say....but you take it a little too far because you've really gotten into it.

For example, if you are playing a mean character and you lash out at someone because your character bids you to...and then you realize later that it was 120% way too harsh...that's bad.


I'm not saying you can't do it, or even that it's wrong to do as an RPer. It's perfectly fine, especially if that's what keeps you in your role.

The problem is, sometimes people don't know how to snap themselves out of that state of mind once they do something extreme as their character. This is why often people say that acting is dangerous.

Please be careful.

For someone who RP's- or acts in a play, or in a show, etc etc- it is EASY to adopt that character as part of your personality. This is why I suggest playing a character that you share some personality traits with. If this doesn't help you, play a character completely OPPOSITE of you. That way, you know who is who. It's still YOU. The biggest part of being an RPer is knowing who YOU are. Remember that you may PLAY a certain character, but YOU ARE YOU.

Get it?

Got it?


Hope this helped <3