How to Play an Ero Sennin!

The lovable Pervy Sage, JIRAIYA FROM NARUTO! *claps*
For Jiraiya, I didn't actually PLAN to play him. It just...came up. XD AND IT WAS SO FUN.

*Note: This is simply how I played him and how I succeeded in interpreting certain areas of his personality myself. An RPer/Actor will interpret a character differently depending on what kind of person they are.*


Jiraiya of the Sannin is a PERVERT. He enjoyed peeping in the ladies' hot springs on occasion, even though he was also playing a dual "teacher" role. While in his "Teacher" mode, he wasn't the least bit perverted, but if he was, he always put his sensei-ship first. That's the deal with Jiraiya. Balance. While he has that "ero" in him, he's also a Sannin, a very skilled and intelligent shinobi and sensei, so he isn't just a perverted old man all of the time. The balance is usually the downfall for RPers when it comes to Jiraiya.

His speech is usually that of a mature person, but when it comes to the ladies or gathering research- sometimes, even with Tsunade- it switches from "No, I didn't think it was possible. I'll have to update you on my findings of Orochimaru later, Kakashi." to "BE QUIET! I'm gathering very important research. *nosebleed drips down his chin*" or even "OH HO HO, NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!

Another note: Jiraiya may be a pervert, but he's not a pedophile. He would never hit on young girls (and certainly not young boys, or any males in general). Also, there are times when he pushes aside his pervertness and becomes a man people can look up to. A hero. *small smile*that was a pun 8D


Facts that you should know about Ero Sennin:

What Ero Sennin really means
Jiraiya's birthday
Jiraiya's favorite foods
How he died
Who he is to the protagonist
Who he is connected to
His weapons/techniques
His "REAL" "love interest" (but that is in question.)

If anyone would like me to give advice on certain characters that I have played (just ask for Charries) just ask in the comment box! If I've never played them, I will try to find someone who has! *has a lot of RPer friends* XD


Jiraiya: You know, that's not a bad picture of me up top, but...maybe you should've shown a little You know, for the ladies? This old man's still got it, ya know. ;]

Hime: Go back into your cave, Hermit.