How to play Sakura Haruno (Time Skip Characters)

Note: This is simply how I played/play this character. These are my opinions, not absolute fact.

Everyone knows the whiny little konoichi Sakura. She got on our nerves in series one of NARUTO and became the biggest cliche EVER. NO ONE WANTS TO BE A SAKURA.

But what about in Naruto Shippuden, the second series?

Shippuden Sakura is probably one of the toughest konoichi in the series at the moment. She has refined her ninjutsu and become a medical nin- an impressive one at that- and also used her chakra control to her advantage by improving on her strength and/or physical attacks. Though she's still behind Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, her two comrades and friends, she is, in her own way, making up for lost time.

I'm going to be frank here. You can't play Sakura because you think she's easy to play. You can't hate her if you want to play her. No. I take it back. You can play her AND hate her, but you have to understand her to play her properly. Sakura is another complicated role- most in anime are- and her character has more depth than most people think.

When playing a character like Sakura, the RPer must remember and be specific; there are three Sakuras; before Sasuke left, after Sasuke left, and when Naruto returns to Konoha. All three of them have the same "base" personality; Sakura is still perky, somewhat boy crazy, and also a bit spirited, but they all have variations.

For example....

The first Sakura we see- the most "annoying" in many opinions- has an Inner Sakura. Inner Sakura expresses all the outer, more polite and somewhat reserved Sakura has to say. However, when this Sakura is around Naruto...Inner Sakura comes to the surface.... Utilize Inner Sakura in any way you can if you play this Sakura. "Cha"! or "Shanaroo!" is also a common Inner Sakura phrase. Use it to your heart's content- but don't OVER DO IT....or else, you lose all effect.

The second Sakura- the very teary, I-need-to-get-stronger Sakura- surfaces when Sasuke leaves the village and after Naruto is nearly killed in Sasuke and Naruto's confrontation. She is seen in filler; though filler isn't always relevant, it can be, and as an RPer, you may use it to your advantage. This Sakura is less squeamish and a bit more courageous because she wants to change- and she is also a medical ninja in training. If you want, you can complain about how Lady Tsunade trains you. (Which is very entertaining)

The third and most recent Sakura is 15-16 year old Shippuden Sakura. If you compare this Sakura to the first, there is a vast change. This Sakura can hold her ground in combat and is also (in some ways) a qualified doctor, AKA medical nin. She is more confident and also not as naive as she previously was; she is more mature (even though often she loses her cool around Naruto when he acts like an idiot) and though she may seem less fun to play at times, she still has her Inner Sakura, though she wears her on the outside. So at random moments, she can "snap" and that...can definitely be entertaining.

"Time skips" are often troublesome when RPing. You must be specific. If you are playing the first or second Sakura and someone (an OC, most likely, or even another RPer) asks what it's like to fight in a shinobi war, YOU ARE TO ACT LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN. You are part of the past.


Things to remember about Sakura:
-Her birthday
-Her favorite food
-Her hobbies
-How she interacts with Ino and/or konoichi in NARUTO
-Which Sakura you are
-In your own eyes, you would not be annoying
-Sakura tries very hard to help the people around her, though it may not seem like it