Hey...welcome to my world. Here I will put anything that strikes me as amusing or cool. I will also write about anything I think you might even remotely want to hear about. Sooooo,enjoy yourself wile you are here...or try. If I seem like a crab apple, I don't mean anything by it. I have an issue with sarcasm. *laughs*

Name: Not for you to know...the Internet is another word for stalkers-ville.

Age: 15

Gender: Male

I like anime and manga, you know that though. My favorite foods are pizza,fried apples,popcorn and crackers with nacho cheese. I like to cook them late at night to bug my sisters. As a matter of fact, another thing I like is to annoy my sisters. I have three, one older two younger. They can be a pain, but I tolerate them all the same. I like paint ball, and riflery.I also enjoy fighter jets. And I draw...but not very well.

I dislike people who mess with me or my family. I'm a protective sort. I also dislike high pitched noises, dang they drive me nuts. I also hate chihuahuas, little rat dogs.

My favorite animes are Cowboy Bebop,Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist,Death Note, and Trigun

My favorite bands are DC Talk,Family Force 5 and Weezer.

Alright, sharing party is over.*laughs* Hope to see you around. *waves hand*


Stay Creep Free.

Thanks to Miss SunfallE, I know who to stay the hell away from. What the hell is that person's issue? They should be arrested, and fast.

Rot in jail, freak.


Hey...its a title.

I am just making my first post on here. I feel like some fancy blogger, excepting that thousands of people read theirs and about two people are reading mine. *laughs* I'm looking forward to using this feature, not only for fun, but it'll be cool to read my old posts at the end of the year to see how little I've matured. Well my cat needs food, and Lina (my older sister) is telling me to feed him. So, catch you all later. Oh, and thanks for the welcome when I first joined, no other site is like this.