It's been a while!

And in my absence, I have been very busy! >w<; Terribly sorry! I've been very busy with preparing to go to high school. I still have to draw up four pictures by the 31st...
In the meantime, have an excerpt from a writing/musical meme that I've been working on and off on!

2. Catch Me If You Can Mr. Lusk – LeATHERMOUTH
Oh how wonderful the chase was!The police would never chase after him; he would make sure of that! However, right now they were. He was so close to escaping. There had to be a way out of this! The NYPD didn’t have shit on him! He grinned, seeing a crowd up ahead, and ran at them. Weaving his way through wasn’t easy, but that was the point. Soon afterwards he lost them, and walked down the alleyway to his house. He still had the pipe in his hand, but he tossed that over the roof and to some other poor sap’s house. They could take the fall for him, it didn’t really matter. He still had many surgical tools left to use in its place. After all, he would set this town right, whether they wanted it or not.