yeah...i no i haven't finished meh contest requests.....but.......I'MA GUNNA START A NEW CONTEST!!!!!!!
lolz....the theme is DRAW UR SELF AS A HAM-HAM HAMSTER!!!!!
u know, one of those really kawaii animes that all of the sudden stopp? *sigh* i lurvs hamsters.....(although my very first hamster died in two months....)
Oh! rewards!!!!!!!
1st & 2nd 5 piccys
3rd & 4th 4 piccys
5th & 6th 3 piccys
7th & 8th 2 piccys
9th & 10th 1 piccy (that is if i even get that many contest entries.....)

*drum roll* NOW FOR THE CONTESTANT(s):
...i know there r others that r still thinking i hate to put a sign up deadline........and i won't!

....well...that's all for now folks!

elix3r's contest entry!!!!

w00t! first contest entry!!!!! great job eli-chan!