The moment we've all been waiting for!

Watch This Vid If You Haven't Already

THAT is why I will NEVER even TOUCH my phone while I'm driving.
Sure, it's not real...but it's a powerful message.

Wow...I'm like...posting a lot today.

I guess it's a result of intense boredom.

anywayz....the WIP i posted.
epic fail.
not finishing it.....

Gonna start a new one later today prolly...dont know of what yet tho.

and good news.
I talked to my mom and she is coming back to michigan in a few days and she's is most likely gonna give me her camera!!! and it's a good camera!!! :D
then I can get pictures!!! :3

and just like 5 seconds ago I looked over at my daughter...who is sleeping on the couch....and a fly was buzzing around her face and it landed on her cheek.....then she slapped herself.
I was laughing SO loud...it was great.
and she didn't wake up for any of it. which made it funnier. XDDDDDD

and if anyone has facebook or Yahoo messenger ADDDDD MEEEEEE

I have like 3 people on my messenger and it sucks......

my stuff is in the introduction

please thank you and goodbye :3


Still thinking of an outfit for it.
For 'Fall Outfits for 2010' Contest
I was thinking a dark theme...like emo or goth...

i'll get this done sometime in the next few hours....
If I don't keep getting distracted with other things >.< lulz

Things & Stuff

Bored....a lot of people at school....
my sisters are at school...my dad's at work....
just me and my daughter...at home...

was thinking of a few things to keep myself busy.

1) Downloading GIMP to try it out and see if I like it. Although when I get the money for it im getting paint tool sai.

2) New banner for this world....I'm gonna keep the name but I wanted to add a few things, maybe a new pic. I'm gonna be adding WIPs to this world...so expect to see WIPs from meh

3) Think of story ideas and when I get an idea and stuff make a world for my writings.....and prolly use it for fanwords challenges too.
I need to hone my writing skills.

4) at least start my entry for 'Fall outfits for 2010' although I'm at a loss as to what to do for the outfit. I have a bit of an idea.....

5) Maybe Play Runescape for a bit.

6) omg I just stepped in bubbles that erin spilled. wtf.....

that's what I got so far....maybe I should do all that stuff before I think of more....lulz