then comment and tell me what it was =D

Mines was a chair =3 how convenient


So in regards to my last post concerning the fact that I missed my last day, I didn't fail! :D

I checked my final grade a few days ago, and found out I passed all my classes, which is so relieving. I really thought I was gonna fail.

life is extremely boring lately. I sit around my house and do nothing -_-

I start school in two days, which will be fun. I guess. I like college and all but the commute sucks and the work takes up all my time :/

I just wanna hurry and finish so i can get my degree. buuut, I've got a while until that happens. So I'm bearing with it.

I'm thinking about making another world for music. Mainly for me to have something to go to instead of googling for lyrics and stuff. Idk yet.

I have noo idea what else to talk about, so later.


kso, it's been a while since I updated my blog.

anyway my quarter just ended for school and i guess mother nature just HAD to make it snow so the roads here where i am were SHIT. it was my last freakin day of school, i had an exam in one class and a final critique in my other and then two final projects due.

I TRIED to get to school, but on the fuckin way there i had spun out quite a few times in a reallly short drive so i said fuck it and turned around to go back home. after returning home i immediately emailed pictures of my final projects to my instructors HOPING TO FUCKING GOD that they would accept them.

Well, Nope. One of my instructors emailed back already and said that it can't be graded by a picture and i automatically lost credit for my final project by missing the final critique. F.M.L

I'm HOPING TO FUCKING GOD that it doesn't make me lose credit for the entire class, even if i'm just barely skimming by. i don't care, i just wanna get the credit and move on.

the other instructor hasn't even emailed back yet. I'm hoping she accepts it, since she does things differently than my other instructor.

This is what I get for wanting to fucking LIVE. I was too fuckin scared to drive in that shit for 60 DAMN MILES, when the expressways were shit too. goddamn, and the fact that I have little experience driving in that weather, considering i only have my permit right now, i was scared shitless.

and im still SO PISSED that we had such a nice couple weeks, with no snow and the temps were going up, and then it snowed and got super cold again, whhhhy michigan WHHHHYYY I WANT SPRING ALREADY DAMN YOU

ok i do believe that my rant is over for now.

SORRY about my language, i just..GRRR im so pissed.. F M L



Sorry I haven't been on gaiiis I've been so busy with moving and homework and everything else. I should be more active now since i'm all moved into my new place and I'll be getting internet at my house tuesday [aka tomorrow] so expect to see me more.

anyway, I'm in class right now, so gotta bounce.


Well, I think life is dead set on tearing me away from here :,[

i try to draw something to upload on here and get going with uploading again, and then life decided it wants to give me two big ass projects for school that take up like ALL my time.
getting two studio classes was horrible! im way too overwhelmed with the projects...
ugh X.X

So i'm HOPING AND PRAYING that i can upload by the end of this weekend if i can tear myself away from school projects.

oh and i ABSOLUTELY HATE PAINTING with a burning liquid hot passion. in my color theory class, that's all we ever do =.= and the paints are expensive.


anyway, thought i'd drop by and tell you guys why i haven't uploaded yet.
like i said, HOPING for before the end of this weekend, i really want to make a good picture to show you guys, so if it's not uploaded by then, it's not perfect yet.

now it's time to go to bed~
seeya laters alligators.