Birthday~ =D

Oh my goshhh :D

Thanks for all the birthday wishes guysss!!!! 8D!!!
Between here and facebook i have like a gazillion birthday wishes, i feel so loved <3 X3
you guys are the best :]

on another note, I'm gonna be getting up some new fanart soon, and try to get active again, so keep an eye out :3
maybe some wallpapers too X3

and god also got me a birthday gift XD snow day!! haha im so happy i didn't have school on my bday, it's awesome.

well I'm gonna actually go work on mah picture now

thanks again guyss =D

I'm..back...? I think..


when was the last time i got on here Q.Q
i've been so busy with life for so long that..i totally forgot about here :/

so if anyone is reading this that i used to talk to on here, comment and maybe we can catch up?

i'm gonna try to be on here as often as i can, im starting to get a bit of more free time to be on here, and maybe i'll become a regular again =]

I'm on DeviantArt now =D

Yes, I have FINALLY made a DA account.

Partly because of the pushing from FalseDelusion to join...
and partly because everyone else has one so i felt left out

so yeah, go on DA and ..."watch" me...

then I'll "watch" you...

wow...DA makes me sound like a stalker...

"I'm watching you >:D muahahaha"

oh and my DA is psyckostinamuffin

[although i have yet to submit any art because i want my first submission to be good and my laptop is still being repaired so i can't scan anything and i think a traditional artwork will look better than a digital...because i have suckish art programs]

anywayz...what is new...

Winter break is almost here one more class and I'm out of school till january X3

also, had a good weekend. Wasn't on all weekend too. Had class saturday which was actually a great class because all we did was take a test and then work on our final project which I'm almost done with. =]
and it looks really cool too.
then yesterday I had my sister's birthday party at a bowling alley...
I suck at bowling though =.= but it was fun

i got to see her at my sister's birthday party then she came over afterwards to chill [although it was a bit weird for my dad to be around her]
BUT, she's coming over tonight to have dinner with us X3

I'm so happy to have my mommy back.
although she's going back to north carolina at the end of the month, but I'm happy nonetheless. :]

random thing that i found funny::
me and my dad were driving to my school and we were on...some freeway...
anywayzz, we were driving on the free way and next to the freeway for most of the drive is a long road that follows it.

My dad was like... "what's that road? I know what it is but I can't remember the name of it..."
Me: "that's Old M-5"
Dad: "yep, that's what it is....Wait, how did you know that was old M-5?"
Me: "I saw a sign"

it was funny at the time. if you find it funny then awesome, if not had to be there...

anywayzzzzzzz...gonna bounce


I'm Bored...

Thought I'd do a little update cuz I'm bored XD

Life is grand.

Christmas is almost here!!!!
I'm so excited X3
Plus, I know a lot of the stuff I'm getting!
I didn't peek tho, my dad just thinks that I'm older and it doesn't matter if I know what I'm getting or not because well, I'm gonna be wrapping them anyway.
Well, we already got a lot of the stuff wrapped, but we're leaving some stuff to wrap on christmas eve...i think.
I dunno.
and I don't get them until christmas anyway =.=
I want them now....

I got school tomorrow, Only 2 more classes and I'm off for winter break!! :3
Have a test tomorrow, our final one and then we get to use the next classes to work on our final project which is the mini magazine we're doing with Adobe InDesign.

ugh, what else?
my mind is blank .___.

oh well, guess I'll go finish cleaning..
I am NOT a cleaning it takes me a long time to clean one area of the house...and my room...
i don't wanna clean my room DX
but i have to...
cuz I'll get money X3
and I like money..yes I do.
who doesn't? XD


My Anime List

List of anime/manga to watch/read.

-Shugo Chara
-Code Geass
-Absolute Boyfriend
-Angel Dust
-DN Angel
-Otome Youkai Zakuro
-Sora no Otoshimono
-The world god only knows