Anime Suggestions?

I have realized that I haven't really watched and or read any good anime lately.
Maybe you guys could help me out?

Give me suggestions of Anime or Manga that I could read [and on that note: PLEASE make sure i can find it on the internet]
I don't have the money to go out and buy DVDs and Manga.
I use to use a lot of my money to go buy manga and have a quite impressive collection from then but not anymore =.=
so if you give me a suggestion for an anime, please leave a sort of link or instructions or something of the sort to find it.
I will make a list of the suggestions I've been given and try to knock them out in my free time.
Which hopefully i will have more of for a while.

here's my list of anime that I started watching that I really want to finish:

-Shugo Chara
-Code Geass

[both of which i started watching but never finished. I got through over 90 episodes of chugo chara and maybe 15 of Code Geass. and I want to finish them soon]

Also, I was on facebook and it's pokemon profile picture month which i have been all too eagerly participating in.
because i love pokemon.

anywayzz, i was looking through various pictures of pokemon and found some Gijinka pictures and I had this wild idea to draw a gijinka of EVERY.SINGLE.POKEMON.
crazy idea right?
i know i know

It'd be a verrry long quest.
maybe...a lifetime project of mine?

[btw, not related to PGR. I do enjoy seeing everyone's Gijinka's for the popular RP but i don't mean to copy them in any way. I mean, I had seen Gijinka's before that RP so it's not stealing an idea. Anywayz, my gijinka's hopefully won't look like any of them.]

plus, my gijinka's wont be like characters or OC's just...a person that looks like a pokemon, no name, no profile or anything like that.

anywayz, I like the idea...and might get started on it after I finish the christmas drawings.

anywayzz, the points I wanted to make have been said. Please leave anime suggestions in the comments and I will start a list.
Thanks a lot :]


I am now a senior otaku.
Now I would like to make the cracks about being "senior" otaku like the others but...

who am I kidding?

GET OFF MY LAWN YOU DAMN KIDS -shakes cane angrily-

XD just kidding.

I am overly excited about being promoted I feel so...promoted. LOL
ALthough I hardly deserve it since I've been neglecting theotaku. Q.Q

anywayz, while I'm here, might as well update my not so exciting life.
School is grand.
Grand I tell you.
Mostly because of the fact that break is coming up.
I hope my second quarter is wayy more exciting than this one.
Although our latest project is kind of fun.
Working with Adobe InDesign which I must say is a fascinating program.
We are gonna be making a mini magazine.
so that could be fun :]

Also, I bought this bear hat from Hot Topic.

And my instructor said it might be a bad idea to wear it during hunting season.
But I digress.
If a hunter can't tell me from a real bear, then he is seriously retarded.
but nonetheless, i couldn't help but crack up when he told me that.

Anywayzz, that hat is absolutely awesome.
if you're on my facebook, then you know the other stuff about it.
if you're not well...
It's got the bear ears of course, and the extreme fuzziness.
and the ear flaps are super long, like...about as tall as my daughter long...maybe taller.
The at the end they have paws that you can use as a pocket [which I do]
Or you can pretend their your paws and put them on your hands and run around the house pretending to be a bear and eating your family.
Yes, I've done it ;]

In other news...
I got my laptop.
Oh yes, my oh so wonderful laptop.
Had it for a whole wonderful 24 hours...then...
I about died.
My daughter.
My oh so wonderful, loving, angelic daughter, spilled Pepto Bismal,
(Yes, Nausea Heartburn Indigestion Upset Stomach Diarrhea Pepto.)
On it.
Spilled it all over it, when I left for ONE minute to go pee.
My heart seriously stopped when that happened.
Anywayz, me and my dear loving cousin decided to try to clean it with q-tips because it was in the keyboard.
whilst I was cleaning it...Popped the 'U' key right off. It broke.
And also the pepto ruined my 'Z' key.
I was so depressed...
Wal-Mart has the service plans that you purchase with electronics and I purchased one when i got my laptop.
a $75 dollar service plan mind you.
but for any future wal-mart shoppers.
it will save your life! seriously.
After my initial depression and actual crying over my brand new ruined laptop, I called the number with the service plan and they said they'd fix it.
YESS! -fist pump-
they sent me a box, I put the laptop in it and sent it back.
and now it is being repaired.
I was really sad to let it go, because i had gotten attached to it.
(because i continued to use my laptop after the pepto incident, although two keys were broken and my pretty black laptop was partly died pepto ugly color, I've realized...)
and I miss my laptop horribly T^T

And i had to send it in right as soon as I bought my pretty new scanner/printer/copier.
a wireless one too.
it's so cool...and I have yet to use it... =.=

On another note, christmas drawings >.<
I will start on them VERY soon.
Procrastinating is one of my besetting sins it seems.
also, I can't scan them until I get my laptop back..
plus...I draw better traditionally then digitally.
I least draw a sort of base that I can go off in photoshop.
or...whatever other program i'll be using...
More than likely it will be photoshop CS5 free trial download.
so I will get on to those as soon as possible.
And if my procrastinating seems to keep going..which is a slight chanced thing that might happen, then I'M SORRY!
I love you guys, and I hope you won't hate me for neglecting your xmas gifts T^T
I'll post them even after christmas if im too late.

AND another thing I would like to apologize for....
Yes, those things I loved doing dearly so...
I seem to not do them anymore.... =.=
I want to apologize to anyone who RP's with me
I've...lost interest...basically
my many excuses... I've been busy...I AM a mother...and ever since my mom left I've been a replacement mom basically...and it's almost christmas...
all true excuses but excuses nonetheless.
plain and simple though...I've really lost interest...
at least for now
I do enjoy RPing and would def. do it...but right now...ugh =.=
no thanks
the only RP i do is Clandestine with FalseDelusion
but those are different then the multiple person RPs
we do dialogue on msn and have everything planned out.
I consider it more a story then a RP cuz everything is planned and we know what's gonna happen...
other than that...So so sorry fellow RPers T^T

what else....

My mommy is coming back to michigan in about 4-5 days!!!!!!
it's been SO long since I've seen her and I'm SO excited to see her again.
I love and miss my mommy horribly.

Besides that...I'm gonna bounce.

Christmas Requests [updated]

I am a very generous person around the holidays...
maybe it's just the holiday spirit XD

Anywayz, since I am so generous I am going to take Christmas Gift Drawing Requests things.
Tell me what you would like me to draw for you and I shall draw it :]
Msg me or comment with your request and it will be added to this list.

-Cheriblosomchibi - Draven & Rave from Xbeth's Modelling Agency

-FalseDelusion - Money. Hot Guys. Sex. XDDD

-Animelgirl1981 - Her Gijinkas: Bella and Leaf

-lapaperninja - Daisuke and Sayomi from Cross Academy RP

Demonsandangels - OC Elysian Malfoy

100 subscribers!!!!!

I just got 100 subs and im so excited!!!! X3
I love all of you guys!!!!!
and it kinda makes me wish i was more active T^T

I'll try to be more active
and draw something for my beloved 100 subs <3

Blog and Christmas Requests

This post is fueled by: In It For Life - Sick Puppies

Hello, otaku peoplez.
I am blogging....
went to class saturday, was good.
Got some make-up work to do for the class i missed before but I'll be a-ok!
my check couldn't be cashed at wal=mart, which depressed me.
my dad put it in his bank account and came in the next day.
if you want my number, send me a msg
I love texting X3
and my laptop is in the process of getting set-up.
I have to download everything... =.=


I am taking christmas requests, because i love you all and want to have something to give to you awesome people.
that doesn't require money XD
anywayz, leave me a comment or a msg and I will get your request down and get to work on it.
I will be posting up another post with all detail...soon
maybe an hour..or two. I dunno, when I get around to it.
uhm, so yeah

msg me to exchange cell numbers
msg or comment for christmas requests
tell me what you want and I WILL DO IT!!!! >XD
laaaterr :)