I am SO EXCITED right now.
yesterday someone called me. She was a career or school or something advisor and she sent out my information to a few schools that offered graphic design and today AI ART INSTITUTES CALLED ME!
I was like "whee whoo whee whoo OH MY JESUS!!!" I couldn't breathe
anywayz *takes deep breath*
the guy did all the usual stuff and asked me what I wanted to do and why i wanted to do it and asked me contact information and he set me up with a interview/meeting/campus tour for wednesday @ 12:30! (the 29th)
the campus is like 45 minutes away but STILL IM SO EXCITED.
my dads gonna take me :3
and i already got a babysitter too XD
but yeah he told me he would help me with admissions and financial aid and everything! :D He said each student gets their own financial advisor!
and he told me that AI has like a bagillion campuses nationwide and are affiliated to a bagilllion companies with careeer oppurtunities and all that statistic junk.
im so overjoyed right now.
i need to call more people LOL
I'm out...gotta go spread the news to everyone I know! XD


Long Day

Wow This is the first time i've been on all day. weird.
I got tp sleep in pretty late today which was awesome. :3
and after I got up I helped dad clean the house then shortly after that we went to my grandma's house to hang out and have dinner which was tasty P:
were there for quite awhile and then jsut got home a bit ago.
it was relazing though to get out of the house and away from the computer.
Been reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer that I bought on Friday. Which I haven't read in like a year so it's just as good the second time. :3
Last night at Chinese was so AWESOME! :D
it was SOOOOO good!!!! I want to go again P:
but my dad decided that he's gonna try to do a family thing every weekend and next week we're doing mexican P: yum.
Ever since mom left it's been good and bad in many ways. but i think it's made us closer. I've never felt so close to my dad before....or any of my family really but now it's like....we all know whats going on with each other now...and we all ahve a nice talk almost every night about anything and everything.

Also in other news. I've been getting my driving experience in for my road test in about 3 weeks and i'm AWESOME! and I haven't hit anything yet LOL
I've been driving a bit more every day and I'm getting good.
Still working on some turning and my foot pressure lol
and also shifting from reverse to drive before hitting the gas LMAO
that was a scary day lol. Luckily I notcied before I backed into the neighbors car LMAO

anywayz...I'm on the computer in my bedroom which I haven't used in like 2 weeks bcuz it hates me. My boyfriend got it to work yesterday and it's still working now but it hates me so I never know when it could just...POOF stop working on me so I'm out. Prolly gonna go read my book until dad lets me on the computer in the living room.


Blog Blog Blog Post

Been a good few days i guess. Yesterday we went shopping and I got some much needed clothes! :D I got a new bra! (which was GREATLY needed) and a new pair of jeans and this light green tanktop, some black sweatpants, and this cute bedwear? set that came with a black Tee and these cute grey and black striped boxer shorts and Legwarmers :D i love legwarmers :3
So i'm all happy, wearing that right now lol
Tonight I get to go to a chinese buffet with my dad daughter and 2 sisters! I'm so excited. We haven't went to that place in FOREVER and i'm drooling just thinking about it X3 and now I'm hungry. lol
tomorrow we're going to dinner at my grandma's place which is gonna be nice. :3
and now I shall go listen to music and work on me and delusion-chan's story :3 which is awesome and I love it. I'm so addicted to it X3
Maybe draw with my tablet if i feel like it. :3


Get Down Get Down Get Down With The WIPness.

Lol, listening to Get Down With The Sickness by Disturbed.

This is going to be my entry for "kimono girl"
and Im trying something a bit different with lineart and stuff. you'll see.
still deciding on colors for her hair and kimono. and the kimono design.
This might take me a few hours. lol