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Holiday time break!

Alright! I saved up leave time at work enough for two weeks off! So from the 15th to Jan 3 I'll be free!

Hopefully even with the holidays I will spend more time here! I am behind on tons of projects; comics, fanarts, gifts, challenges challenge prizes >_< I was also planning to make some paintings to sell on line. I'm glad I don't have a whole bunch of other sites to keep me tied up, other than here it's mostly Gaia, Facebook, Youtube and Ebay. Even then I mostly just check them rather than actually doing anything.

I'ts cold out there...

...And I go outside without a coat!
No sweaters for me! Just my tee shirt, jeans and work boots. Throw on my gloves and hat and bring in an arm load of snowy logs for the furnace! All morning I was shoveling snow at work, now only my toes are still cold. At work (about 15 miles form my home) the temperature was hovering around zero, here it is -18!
Today I actually took a picture of it!

*EDIT* Ok it's about 2 1/2 hours later and now it says -22 but it feels waaaay colder than this afternoon when I posted this. Either 4 degrees really makes a difference or my thermometer is broken...

I need more competiton!

It there is one thing I hate, it is winning by default! If there are only three or less entires in a challenge that is no fun!

This challenge HERE is in need of entries, right now there is only me and one other person! And this challenge has so much potential! Please enter it too!!!! I want to see CROSSOVERS! Ok I'm kinda just posting out of boredom, but seriously...

Animal form Roshi-FB Dragon

Ok while I'm on a roll here I may as well post my creature creation! The Furball Dragon.

My faith in the honesty of people is usually pretty high so I don't always say this: DO NOT STEAL THIS!!! EVER!!!!I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND BEAT THE $HIT OUT OF YOU! Ok probably not, because it's not too original. I just contains my soul, so I am very protective of the concept.

Because this is something I've been working on since I was 5! (19 years ago)

The name is kinda lame, but I couldn't think of anything better. It's more of a Chimera than a Dragon but with the fire breathing...anyways I shall start from the beginning:

I have always wanted to be a furry woodland creature, but I could never decide which one. I started to really like kangaroos for some reason, I thought they were totally awesome! I drew pictures of them all of the time. I soon made different variations of them. At the time I didn't know of the already existing types like wallabies and such so I thought my idea of tree 'roos was original. LOL. As I learned a little more about them I realized they needed further upgrading; so then I made them omnivores; there were huge T-rex ones that lived under water; tiny ones that climbed trees like squirrels; ones with turtle shells, but the ones I liked best had wolf bodies. Then I started mixing in qualities from other animals I thought were cool: bats, cheetahs, scorpions, cats, lions, dogs, fish and finally dragons. I wanted the fastest, strongest, smartest critter out there! I want to be that animal. My human brain and creativity mixed with the instinct and raw power of my new creation! I would be unstoppable!

So now to make it easier to work with they can now transform between different variations depending on the situation. Here are some facts about them:

They are egg laying marsupials; the eggs look like large oval pearls. The males hatch the eggs, once hatched the babies live in their mother's pouch.

If they were originaly human, their main fur color would be your hair color. The tufts on their head and back would be a few shades darker and your skin color would determine the underbelly fur color. Eyes remain the same.

For the longest time their wings were lime green O_o now they are the main body color.

They cans transform at will, but I decided to add a few(but still changeable) differences to the diffrent genders:
Males have platinum spikes and claws. 8 face spikes. A ridge of fluffy fur down their back. Long fur on their bellies.

Females have gold spikes and claws. 6 face spikes. A tuft of fluffy fur on their shoulders. Short fur on their bellies, and a pouch on their belly.

The babies are covered in a soft down-like fur, have floppy ears and no spikes. Their powers are limited to prevent them from getting into too much trouble.

I am the originla one and can allow others the take this form. I can also remove it if I think they are abusing the gift.

Currently NO ONE has permission to use them in any media/medium.
I had a friend ask if he could use it in a D&D campaign. I said no, because it is very personal to me. So if that offended anyone. I am sorry.
I suck at boundries normally but this is one I will defend.
You can look, but no touching!

In regards to the last post I made:

Here is Roshi's male form: Leo!

I've been meaning to create Roshi's guy form for a while. At first I couldn't figure out what he should look like. Then I decided to make a drummer for my Rock Band band.
So that is where I got the hairstyle.
The eye color I got from my one brother, he had awesome blue eyes when he was little, now they are silver. I am still jealous. So I gave them to Leo.
His name is my birth sign.