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Note to Otakus

I thought I'd just put this out there: I get to use internet computers at the library, and at work on my breaks. At the Library DeviantArt & Youtube are BLOCKED! (so are many other video sites) At Wo...

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Season 9

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!! I just watched the trailer for Red vs Blue season 9!

*faingirl scream*

It is coming out this summer!!!!!!!

RedvsBlue news

Awesome fan comics

Hi everyone! I decided to feature a list of Otaku fan comics/manga on this post! I will update and add more as tim progresses!

Ocarina of Tim
Made by H2YK

*CLICK HERE*Really funny parody story.

Monster Hunter
Made by Mr. Hentai
Great art and lots of action.

Check out their work!!!

Hi everyone!
I have been looking around theO and every now and agian I find some awesome art and the artist has almost no subs or GB sigs! So I thought I would make a post for them. I will update when I find one and spread the word of their art! I know there are many reasons for people not subbing and stuff, but I hopes this helps them out!


On my to do(draw) list

  • Finish my recent Sesshomaru picture. OK! Posted!
  • Make a Caramell Dansen video.

  • Color in tattoo pic.
  • Color in my happy dancing girl pic. DONE
  • Complete pictures for challenges (I have line art for several pics and a fan manga in the works!) That is never ending, I finish one then sub 3 more!
  • Chibi Chuck e-card or pic.
  • Work on Pokemon Mutation.
  • Make group pic of all of my gijinkas.
  • Make animated chibi for profile pic.
  • Make a pic of all of my main (me)oc's and explain why they all have the same name.
  • make another digital sumi-e picture. Ok not the one I was planning to make so this is still on the list: Painted!
  • Color and submit One Piece OC pic

  • Draw my sister's One Piece OC's(all of us together)
  • Create Bleach challenge