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Things are getting Epic!

I was just looking through the challenges I want to participate in and there is one I keep getting art block on so why don't you enter it? EPIC CHALLENGE!

I am very sorry!

Sorry! Wow, I didn't realize that I was blocking my world posts!

Houston, Wii have a problem...

I let my Step Aunt borrow my Wii last year, and I still haven't gotten it back. She is somewhat shady, so I'm hoping she didn't pawn it off. Thinking about the many horrible possibilities makes me mad. Even worse, when I got it I didn't think to write down the serial number! So if she dosen't have it any more tracking it is almost impossible.
Mom went to her old house to look for it and Mom's DVD's. She said the place was trashed, that complicates things-what if she left it behind when she moved and it was stolen?

Spelling errors abound...

I made this by scribbling and angrily clicking the mouse.

InuYasha final Act!

I am such a fool!

I had no clue that they were continuing the Inuyasha serise! That's what I get for living under a rock.
I started checking E-bay and Amazon for it. So far they don't have the english dubs out yet but for about $30 you can get the Japanese version w/english subtitles!
I think I'll wait

Super fast paint drawn Inu!

First Snow!!!

This morning when I went to work it started to snow!
Just a light dusting, it will likely be gone by noon but snow is snow.
I was hoping it might not come until mid October.

~Ninjas in the Land of Snow~