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Check out their work!!!

Hi everyone!
I have been looking around theO and every now and agian I find some awesome art and the artist has almost no subs or GB sigs! So I thought I would make a post for them. I will update when I find one and spread the word of their art! I know there are many reasons for people not subbing and stuff, but I hopes this helps them out!


On my to do(draw) list

  • Finish my recent Sesshomaru picture. OK! Posted!
  • Make a Caramell Dansen video.

  • Color in tattoo pic.
  • Color in my happy dancing girl pic. DONE
  • Complete pictures for challenges (I have line art for several pics and a fan manga in the works!) That is never ending, I finish one then sub 3 more!
  • Chibi Chuck e-card or pic.
  • Work on Pokemon Mutation.
  • Make group pic of all of my gijinkas.
  • Make animated chibi for profile pic.
  • Make a pic of all of my main (me)oc's and explain why they all have the same name.
  • make another digital sumi-e picture. Ok not the one I was planning to make so this is still on the list: Painted!
  • Color and submit One Piece OC pic

  • Draw my sister's One Piece OC's(all of us together)
  • Create Bleach challenge

Things are getting Epic!

I was just looking through the challenges I want to participate in and there is one I keep getting art block on so why don't you enter it? EPIC CHALLENGE!

I am very sorry!

Sorry! Wow, I didn't realize that I was blocking my world posts!

Houston, Wii have a problem...

I let my Step Aunt borrow my Wii last year, and I still haven't gotten it back. She is somewhat shady, so I'm hoping she didn't pawn it off. Thinking about the many horrible possibilities makes me mad. Even worse, when I got it I didn't think to write down the serial number! So if she dosen't have it any more tracking it is almost impossible.
Mom went to her old house to look for it and Mom's DVD's. She said the place was trashed, that complicates things-what if she left it behind when she moved and it was stolen?

Spelling errors abound...

I made this by scribbling and angrily clicking the mouse.