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InuYasha final Act!

I am such a fool!

I had no clue that they were continuing the Inuyasha serise! That's what I get for living under a rock.
I started checking E-bay and Amazon for it. So far they don't have the english dubs out yet but for about $30 you can get the Japanese version w/english subtitles!
I think I'll wait

Super fast paint drawn Inu!

First Snow!!!

This morning when I went to work it started to snow!
Just a light dusting, it will likely be gone by noon but snow is snow.
I was hoping it might not come until mid October.

~Ninjas in the Land of Snow~

Alaskan Road Hazards

This is to all Alaskans and Otaku planing to visit Alaska.

This time of year, the roads are very dangerous! Moose are being flushed out of the woods and are crossing the highways due to the hunting season, and early morning fog is freezing to the roads.
This morning going to work I slipped and fell on my porch, then when driving I saw a truck being towed due to an accident( I didn't see any other vehicles so I'm guessing he hit a moose). Juat the other day I saw 5 moose, I didn't notice them until I was right there, I am lucky they didn't duck in front of me!

Drive safe, and keep your eyes peeled!

I got the pic online.

Hi everyone sorry I've been gone

Yeah, I broke my leg and I don't have internet at my house.

Computer problems


I was an idiot and let my laptop get wet! And now it's not working, my brother removed the hard drive and put it in my other laptop, but it's not the same(wide screen distorts pictures)So if I upload stuff that looks kinda squished that's why.

Also I don't have the divers for the speakers(no music), and while this other laptop has wireless capabilities THAT driver is not working!

I think what I'll do is get an external hard-drive, put all of my important stuff onto it, the put the original hard-drive back in. So I will be running two computers in one!

Hopefully that will work!