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It seems that every time I go to post something my head goes blank!
My Mornings:
I have my alarm set for 5am so that I can hit the snooze button 'till about 6 so that I can leave for work around 6:30.

Yesterday started rather funny.
My alarm went off at 5, I hit smooze and rolled over. That happened a couple of times, next itme it rang I looked at the clock, "20 after!?" I got out of bed,went to the bathroom, got dressed, ate breakfast, looked at the clock again. "35 after, damn, I hope I can get to work on time! Zoomed to town. As I was going through the intersection I thought: "Huh, I guess the constrution must be going along nicely, there aren't any guys setting up road cones!"

There was some traffic, but not as much as when I'm this close to being late. I pulled into the parking lot and stopped...."Did I miss something?"

There weren't any cars! I looked at my car clock it was 58 after. I was just in time for... 6am!!!



Yesterday I was in the kitchen chopping up a cabbage, I looked out the window to see a fox chasing one of my chickens! I quickly located my flip-flops and stormed out the door to chase it away. It left without killing any chickens, and I hope it doesn't come back anytime soon.

Don't get me wrong. I like Foxes, but I don't want them hurting my(actually my Mom's) chickens.

Pure Joy

Yesterday was an awesome day!

After work I did a few things and went home, watered the plants, fed the chickens and ducks. Called Grandma (she was busy and didn't answer) I then went to Grandma's house to drop off some lily bulbs, strawberry plants and Mike's Hard Lemonade (yes I'm over 21). I was hoping Grandpa was home so he could see if he could figure out what is wrong with my car, but he had to work late. Then I drove to my Mom's ranch.

All day it had been super smoky from all of the wild fires, but now I was fighting a headwind, that was blowing in some rain clouds.

After a nice evening of talking, eating and watching TV. I started home in the rain.

I love the rain and after it had been hot and smoky all week I was so happy to take a walk in the rain. I took off my flip-flops and walked bare foot on the wet pavement through the shallow puddles. The road was ever to slightly warm too. The air smelled lovely, like a sweet green tea. it was about 10:30pm but the sun was just barely setting. I was thankful to have borrowed my sister's big umbrella, I was able to hear the rain really loudly coming down. I think I only saw about five cars go through the nearby intersection and only two passed me.

I think later I'll add a picture.

My world!

Ah finally! I got my world! Sweet! *dose a silly dance* Ah hem! 'scuze me! Well anyways,... aw damn! Now I've got writers block! I guess I'll just babble about nothing! LOL Here is a fairly accurate chibi me (actually I don't have round glasses any more)


http://i722.photobucket.com/albums/ww223/Allen-Walker-09/yutyi.jpg ...

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