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A Paprika life

I watched the movie Paprika again recently. I've seen it once before I don't remember being too impressed with it then. Maybe I didn't appreciate it's awesome artisticness, or maybe my inner self was already colorful and the movie was nothing new to me. This time I saw it was like "that was me!" The freedom, the control, the color, the movement!. I had my own Paprika.
I think reality has dulled my mind.
Possibilities are no longer endless, the color is gone, my mind is not free anymore.
WTF happened to me?
I'm listening to the opening song trying to recapture my dream. Here is the opening credits for the movie, you might want the sound up on this one. there are also videos featuring the whole song on yt also.(there is also a really good one featuring Kaito the vocaloid's voice)

It's been a while

Gotta love Linux. I did a system update not too long ago, then last night I decided to work on a picture and wadda ya know? It had installed the newest release of GIMP! I knew 2.8 was out, but I hadn't gotten around to installing it yet. ^_^

Maybe exploring the new features will help me shed my artblock! Playing Pokemon seems to be helping

I haven't been on the O except to check comic updates. My inbox is full of birthday alerts and I owe requests to challenge winners too!

Life! Y U so demanding?!?!

As for here having housemates has it's ups and downs.
The water is out because the well pump died. It is a breezy -40 outside, like it has been for the last week! I'm worried if I get the water running again, if I can't keep the house warm enough the pipes will freeze and burst. I did buy and have one of the guys install Pex tubing, that stuff has a bit of expanding room if it freezes, but I never got around to putting in the heat tape and insulation. So yeah, sorry about the ranting. I've been kinda mentally exhausted, so even when I have time I don't feel like doing much.

I think at some point since last winter I traded anime, video games and art for watching tv :S