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A Paprika life

I watched the movie Paprika again recently. I've seen it once before I don't remember being too impressed with it then. Maybe I didn't appreciate it's awesome artisticness, or maybe my inner self was already colorful and the movie was nothing new to me. This time I saw it was like "that was me!" The freedom, the control, the color, the movement!. I had my own Paprika.
I think reality has dulled my mind.
Possibilities are no longer endless, the color is gone, my mind is not free anymore.
WTF happened to me?
I'm listening to the opening song trying to recapture my dream. Here is the opening credits for the movie, you might want the sound up on this one. there are also videos featuring the whole song on yt also.(there is also a really good one featuring Kaito the vocaloid's voice)